I have a bit confusion between sea breeze and land breeze

I have a bit confusion between sea breeze and land breeze


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3 years ago
The wind will blow from the higher pressure over the water to lower pressure over the landcausing the sea breeze. The sea breezestrength will vary depending on the temperature difference between the land and the ocean. At night, the roles reverse. The air over the ocean is now warmer than the air over the land.
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3 years ago
In the day, when the sun is up, the land heats up very quickly and the air above it warms up a lot more than the air over the water. The warm air over the land is less dense and begins to rise. Low pressure is created.
The air pressure over the water is higher with cold dense air, which moves to occupy the space created over the land. The cool air that comes along is called a sea breeze.
In the night, the reverse happens. The land quickly loses its’ heat whiles the water retains its’ warmth. This means the air over the water is warmer, less dense and begins to rise. Low pressure is created over the water. Cold and dense air over the land begins to move to the water surface to replace the warmer rising air. The cool breeze from the land is called a land breeze.
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3 years ago
The differnce between the land breeze and sea breeze are :- the pressure over the sea is now low compared with that over the land the pressure gradient causes air to flow the land to the sea this is the land breeze but air formover the sea flows in to take its place, producing onshone wind knownas a sea breeze.
Rahul Sanapala
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2 years ago
In addition to the above answers, an easy way to remember the difference between land breeze and sea breeze is that
Land breeze - Comes from the Land over the Sea(Water)
Sea breeze -   Comes from the Sea(Water) to the Land
Hope it helps. Cheers :)

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