What is ball and socket joint and what is the function of it?

What is ball and socket joint and what is the function of it?


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6 years ago
The ball and socket joint provides swinging and rotating movements. The articulating bone is received into the cavity of another bone, allowing the distal bone to move around three main axes with a common center. The joint has stabilizing ligaments that limit the directions and extent to which the bones can be moved.
Varsha Shivanand K
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6 years ago
Ball and socket joint - A ball and socket joint allows maximum movement in all directions. The head or ball like end of one bone fits into cup like end of the other bone. Example- the joint between the shoulder bone and the upper arm bone (pectoral girdle) , the joint between the hip bone and the thigh bones (pelvic girdle).
shivani dixit
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6 years ago
ball and socket joints are those synovial joints in which the articulating surface of one bone is ball shaped and it fixes into a basin like depression of another bone and the movement is in frontwards ,backwards or to or fro direction.No angular movement takes place.

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