Name two foods rich in: a. Fats b. Starch c. Dietary fiber d. Protein

Name two foods rich in:
a. Fats
b. Starch
c. Dietary fiber
d. Protein

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Pawan Prajapati
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one year ago
The food supplies all the essential nutrients to us. Some food materials are specifically rich in certain nutrients like the egg and meat consist of all the essential amino acids. Complete answer Two food sources rich in fats, starch, dietary fibers, and protein are- Fats Protein Starch Dietary fibers Avocados Soybean Potato Broccoli Tofu Animal meat Beans Barley Additional Information: - Food containing fats- Fat acts as an essential macro-nutrient and is required for the formation of hormones, steroids, and the structural components of the cell. It also provides cushioning to the body and acts as the storehouse of energy. Example- fish, peanut butter, cheese, flaxseed oils, etc. - Food containing starch- Starch acts as the reservoir of carbohydrates and fulfills the energy demands of organisms. Example- peas, corn, rice, grains, etc. - Food containing dietary fiber- Dietary fibers play an essential role in digestion. They can be either soluble or insoluble. The insoluble fibers are hygroscopic in nature and form the bulk in feces by absorbing water. The soluble fibers can dissolve in water and help to reduce blood cholesterol and blood sugar level. Example- whole grains, carrot, wheat, cereals, citrus fruits, etc. - Food containing protein- Proteins are the body-building foods required for the production of enzymes, hormones, and various other metabolites. It is the major constituent of the cell membrane of a cell. Example- egg albumin, milk, yogurt, tofu, etc. Note: > Balanced diet: A balanced diet is a diet containing all the essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins, minerals, fibers, and alternate nutrients in an inappropriate amount. > The processed foods such as pastries, white bread, white rice have a negligible or very little amount of fibers. > Dietary fibers are used in the treatment of constipation.

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