When does a drought occur?

When does a drought occur? 


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askIITians Faculty 33 Points
10 years ago
Drought occur when there is no rain or not enough rain, causing the land to dry up and making it infertile.

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Dinesh Sajnani
AskIITians Faculty
733 Points
9 years ago
Droughts are caused by lack of rain over a long period of time.
Ritika Das
105 Points
7 years ago
A drought is a period of drier than normal conditions that results in water scarcity or any other water related problem. Precipitation( rain or snow) occurs in uneven parts of the region or country. Soils can dry out and plants may die.
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6 years ago
Drought happens when there is no rainfall for long period of time.
There is a bit or no precipitation (rain, snow, sleet or any kind of moisture).
praveen kumar
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6 years ago
droughts is a situation where we can’t have any rains in that area and no water in the water bodies. this all caused due to the climatic conditions and pollution in that area.
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