Who was the author of Kitab – ul – Hind? A. Abu Said B. Abul Fazl C. Firdausi D. Al – Beruni

Who was the author of Kitab – ul – Hind?
A. Abu Said
B. Abul Fazl
C. Firdausi
D. Al – Beruni

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Pawan Prajapati
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2 years ago
Kitab – ul – Hind is written on beliefs, customs and about the society. Most of the work of this book is written in Arabic language. In Iran, the birthday of Abu Rayhan Biruni is celebrated as Survey Engineer Day. Since Al-Biruni found social culture to be more significant, the book does not restrict itself to boring battle records. The thesis includes studies on a broad variety of Indian culture subjects, including explanations of their customs and rituals. Complete answer: The author of Kitab – ul – Hind was Alberuni and it contains comments on Hindu religious beliefs, Indian sciences, customs and social organization. Al Beruni was a polymath and an Iranian scholar from Khwarezm which is modern day Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Kitab – ul – Hind was the result of years of hard work and the perseverance of Al Beruni who was an Iranian scholar. He has written on the topics of political, religious and the intellectual aspects of India. Thus, option D) Al - Beruni is the correct answer. Al Beruni was very well versed in the subjects such as mathematics, physics, astronomy and the natural sciences and he is also a chronologist, historian and a linguist. He has studied almost all the fields and he is called to conduct any research and study to uncover findings. Hence the correct answer is option ‘D’. Note: Kitab – ul – Hind book is divided into the 80 chapters. Each chapter is divided into the sub headings that indicates the topics to which it relates. Al Beruni stayed in Mahmud in the court of Ghazni. During the Islamic golden age, he was an Iranian scholar and a polymath and called as the founder of Indology, father of modern geodesy and the father of comparative religion.

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