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What is the difference between resistance and resistivity

What is the difference between resistance and resistivity


2 Answers

Akachdeep Medhi
89 Points
3 years ago
The main difference between the resistance and the resistivity of the material is that the resistance opposes the flow of free electrons whereas the resistivity is the property of the material which defines the resistance of the material having specific dimension.
​With regards,
Tausif Islam
11 Points
3 years ago
1.Resistance is the obstruction offered by the conductor itself towards the uni-directional flow of electrons.Resistivity of a material is the resistance of a wire of the material of unit length and unit area of cross-section.
2.Resistance depends on length and area of cross-section of the conductor while resistivity is independent of length and area of cross-section of the conductor.(Both depend on material of conductor and temperature)
3.unit of resistance:ohm   unit of resistivity:ohm-metre
Conclusion:Resistivity is the characteristic property of the material of conductor due to which it offers resistance to the flow of free electrons (and hence to the flow of current) in the conductor.

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