What are the advantages of studying a food chain?

What are the advantages of studying a food chain?


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Aarti Gupta
askIITians Faculty 300 Points
8 years ago
A food chain can be defined as a single series of organisms in which each plant or animal depends on the organism above or below it.For ex- a food chain might consist of garden plants,like lettuce and carrots,fed upon by rabbits which,in turn,are fed upon by owls which,in turn,are fed upon by hawks.
The study of food chains helps in understanding some of the important aspects of the ecosystem and environment in the following ways-
1.It tells the food relationship among the different organisms in an ecosystem.
2.Food chains are the living components of the biosphere.
3.Food chains explains how transfer of energy takes place from one level to another.
4.Through the food chains,transfer of materials and nutrients also takes place.
5.The movement of some toxic substances (like DDT) in the ecosystem,which are sprayed to kill the pests and insects,through the various trophic levels,their accumulation at the highest trophic level,etc.can be studied.The phenomenon of passing the toxic substances through different levels is termed as biological magnification.It helps in understanding how these chemicals affects the higher trophic level organisms like man.
All these functions make the biosphere dynamic.

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