State Kirchhoff laws. Iam unable to understand. Please help me.

State Kirchhoff laws. Iam unable to understand. Please help me.


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Murali Krishna
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4 years ago
Kirchoff laws are used in electrical circuitsThere are two laws.1. Kirchoff junction law or Kirchoff current law(KCL) : When two or more paths connect at a point, it is a junction or node. The algebraic sum of currents entering node is equal to algebraic sum of currents exit from the node.Kirchoff junction law or Kirchoff Loop law: It is applied when a path is a loop i.e., the starting point and ending point connect each other. The algebraic sum of voltages i.e., the voltage source and voltages across all voltages across dissipating elements such as resistors is equal to zero. Here the voltage across resistors is taken as opposite to source voltage (the sign is opposite).
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4 years ago
There are two laws of kirchoff.KCL(kirchoff current law) and KVL(kirchoffs voltage law)KCL:- according to this law the net current coming to a point is equal to the net xurrent going from that point.KVL:- according to this sum of potential difference in a closed loop is equal to 0.

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