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Distinguish between (a)Inland fishery and marine fishery (b)Culture fishery and capture fishery (c)Aquaculture and pisciculture

Distinguish between
(a)Inland fishery and marine fishery
(b)Culture fishery and capture fishery
(c)Aquaculture and pisciculture

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 23899 Points
2 months ago
Hint: Fish is a marine animal with rich sources of high-quality animal protein and the occupation, industry, or season of capturing fishes or other sea animals is generally said as a fishery. It may also mean raising or harvesting fish. Complete answer: Difference between inland fishery and marine fishery: Inland fishery Marine fishery Inland fishery is the rearing of fish in freshwaters like canals, ponds, reservoirs, and rivers. The marine fishery is the rearing of fish in seawater or saltwater. A large number of fishes are cultured for human consumption in tanks or ponds like fish farms or blue revolution. In marine fishery, a large number of fishes are caught by using synthetic fiber nets, mechanized fishing, etc. These fishes are freshwater commercial fishing operations. These fishes can be products reaching world markets. Examples of the inland fishery are Rohus, Grass Craos, Callas, Mrigals, etc. Examples of the marine fishery are catfish, mollusks, mackerel, sardines, tunas, crustaceans, etc. Difference between culture fishery and capture fishery: Culture fishery Capture fishery Culture fishery is a method of raising fish in ponds and tanks. Capture fishery is a method of catching fish without raising them. They are grown in fresh or pure water and are divided by the food they consume into top feeders, middle feeders, and bottom feeders. They come from natural resources like seas. So they are basically from saltwater. Examples of culture fishery are rohu, carps, and mirgils, etc. Examples of capture fisheries are oysters, bhetki, etc. Difference between aquaculture and pisciculture: Aquaculture Pisciculture This involves culture, management, and rearing of fish and other aquatic organisms This involves only the culture, management, and rearing of fish. Examples are crustaceans, finfish, mollusks, and aquatic plants. Examples are tilapia, salmon, carp, catfish, European seabass, and cod. Note: In the mid-1960s to the present there is a time of intense growth in the world’s aquaculture referred to as the Blue Revolution. The aquaculture industry is growing at an average rate of 9% a year and now it has reached 2 million tons to 50 million tons in 1950.

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