What are multi purpose dams on the river valley? Give two examples.

What are multi purpose dams on the river valley? Give two examples.

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Pawan Prajapati
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Hint: Multipurpose river valley projects relate to large dams. Initially, dams were constructed only for storing rainwater in order to prevent flooding but now it became multipurpose. Complete answer: Multipurpose river valley projects basically refer to large dams which serve various purposes in addition to impounding the water of a river. The water that is blocked is used for domestic purposes,industries, irrigation, navigation as well as to generate hydroelectric power. Multi-purpose dams are typically used to combine hydropower through water turbines and storage of water for irrigation or water supply. A feature with a flood-control function to prevent rise in the level of rivers is also common in flood-prone areas. Any two examples of multi purpose dams on the river valley are mentioned below- 1. Beas Project is a joint venture by the governments of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan to create a multi-purpose dam for the development of their states. It consists of two main units: Beas-Sutlej Link and the Beast Dam at Pong. The project links the Beas river and the Sutlej rivers in Punjab along a 38.4 km long valley of hills. The waters from Beas were poured into the magnificent Sutlej river in July of 1977. It was the first-ever, man-made confluence between two major rivers in Himachal. 2. Chambal Valley Project is also a joint venture undertaken by the governments of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. It is made on the Rana Pratap Dam at Bhata which is 48 km from Kotah. It was inaugurated on Feb 9 in 1970. The project comprises construction of two more dams that are: the Gandhi Sagar Dam present in Madhya Pradesh and the Jawahar Sagar dam present in Rajasthan. Notes: Rivers are a natural resource that we need to survive. They provide water to the entire world but nowadays they are polluted by industries as they release untreated effluents into the river making them unsafe for use and aquatic life. Due to global warming the temperature has been increasing which decreases the amount of oxygen in the water making it difficult for the aquatic animals to survive.

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