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Comparison of fee structure of top Engineering colleges

Comparison of fee structure of top Engineering collegesEngineering has always stayed the top option for study by the Indian students. Particularly in the last two decades, when information technology made much headway, the demand for engineering courses soared high. Literally, the two decades were instrumental in creating one or two engineers in every household. As AICTE brought sweeping changes in its policies for introduction of technical education, the surge of mushrooming growth of engineering colleges across India began. As of today, the nation stands transformed with its higher percentage of techno-savvy masses. Despite the fast growth in the number of engineering colleges, ‘quality’ in the standard of education has stayed the determining factor in choosing an engineering college for technical education.

Let’s take out ten top engineering colleges and know about their fee structure in imparting best quality education.

Indian Institute of Technology (IITs)

ndian Institute of TechnologyIn India, IITs have always had the topmost rankings in giving quality education.  Its campuses in Kharagpur, Mumbai, Kanpur, Delhi, Chennai, Roorkee, and upcoming campuses at every new place have taken over all the top slots in rankings among the engineering colleges. Literally, due to the excellence in teaching methods, IITs have always stayed the most favorite options of students to study. As competition has grown by leaps and bounds, the pass-outs from IITs have world-wide appreciation for their talent and ability. IITs give degrees starting from B. tech to PhD. All the 16 IITs share link with common IIT council that looks after all the administrative matters. Accepting students through joint entrance examination, IITs are creating more opportunities for common masses to study and excel.

Fees per semester

Rs 57, 250 (per semester) + Rs 12,250 (per semester towards hostel and other fees)

National Institute of Technology (NITs)

National Institute of TechnologyNational Institute of Technology (NITs) has taken the second place as premier public engineering institution after IITs. Earlier, the campuses of NITs were known as Regional Engineering Colleges (RECs). Such colleges had governance and administration of their respective state governments and the main goal was to give promotion to multi-cultural relationship in India. As of now, NITs impart quality engineering and other courses through 30 autonomous campuses throughout India. Like IITs, the campuses of NITS offer multi-faceted courses like PhD, graduation, and post-graduation courses. NITs take students through joint entrance examination-main. All its campuses are autonomous and have the freedom to choose their own course curriculum.

Fees per semester

Rs 23,537(per semester) + Rs 26,826 (towards hostel and other charges)

The course fees vary from NIT to NIT as all those are autonomous organizations.

BITS, PIlani

BITS, PIlani As everyone knows, Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS, Pilani) is the brainchild of its founder, Mr. G.D. Birla-the industrialist, freedom fighter, and a close associate of the father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi, this institution has always had the top ranking among all the engineering colleges in India. As an aficionado of excellence in education,  Mr. G.D. Birla had first laid foundation from a small school and later, with his perseverance to make it the best, he started the elitist colleges in Management and engineering.  Over the last decades, BITS has continued to offer the best in technical education through its engineering colleges. All over the world, its students get recognition for their technical ability and ‘can do’ spirit in entrepreneurship.  BITS, Pillani offers both under-graduate and post-graduate courses in Engineering.

Fees per semester

Rs 78,500 (per semester) + Rs 18,000 (towards hostel and other fees)

Delhi Technological University

Delhi Technological UniversityEstablished in the year 1941, Delhi Technological University has stayed as one of the top institutions in the nation in the field of technological education. A deemed university and organization of national importance, it began its formal degree programmes in the year 1952. Being the mother of many projects in education, this elite institution has stayed a pioneer in technical and professional education. In the year 1963, this college came directly under the control of Delhi government administration. Now this university functions under the Department of Technical Education and training of government of NCT in Delhi.

Fees per semester

Rs 37,500 (Per semester) + other applicable fees as fixed by the college

BITS, Mesra

BITS, Mesra Over five decades, BITs Mesra, has stayed a pioneer in quality education in technical and professional studies. Its campus in Ranchi in Jhrakhand is the prestigious institution for top-quality education. Belonging to the same school of excellence in education, initiated by industrialist, social worker, and freedom fighter Mr. G.D. Birla, the campus has produced brilliant minds in various faculties of studies in the last decades. It has forever worked with a vision to become a world recognized institution that would consistently strive for promotion of education, research, and technological advancement.

Fees per semester

Rs 66,500 (Per semester) + Rs 12,000 (towards hostel & other fees)

IIIT, Hyderabad

IIIT, HyderabadEstablished in 1998, IIIT, Hyderabad is an internationally acclaimed university in India. With a beginning as a non-profit making public-private partnership, this autonomous organization is the first to get started as a unique organization with exceptional standard in giving quality education.I IIT-H is distinguished for its standard in giving exceptional education in information technology, computer science, and electronics and communications. It has played a noted role in rendering distinctive services in research programmes in different areas especially with computation and IT. To top it all, its faculty has the caliber to carry out exceptional research and development work for various industries in Andhra Pradesh.

Fees per semester

Rs 80,000 ( per semester) + Rs 10,900 (towards hostel and other fees)

Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

Netaji Subhas Institute of TechnologyBeing an autonomous organization under government of NCT, of Delhi, Netaji Subhas institute of technology is an affiliated educational institution under University of Delhi. It came up in the year 1983 with the mission to give manpower in the field of engineering and technology. In the last three decades, it has created a unique place for itself in India and abroad by contributing enormously to technical education and research.  So far, it has worked with the clear vision to become a globally recognized institution in technical education, research, and technology transfer. It gives under-graduate and post-graduate courses in management, humanities, social science, and engineering.

Fees Per Semester

Rs 83,500 (per semester) + other fees applicable

Jadavpur University

Jadavpur UniversityIf there is any university, which has kept its excellence in the education, right before the days of independence, it is Jadavpur university of West Bengal. As its foundation was laid in the days, when freedom struggle was at its feverish pitch, it has stayed the top-most institution with its vast repertoire of courses.  Established in the year 1905-1906, it has so far produced India’s most distinguished intellectual glitterati. At the same time, it has always had fame for world-class faculty and research facility.

Fees per semester

Rs 24,000 (per semester) + other fees as applicable

Punjab Engineering College

Punjab Engineering CollegePunjab Engineering College is one of the old institutions in India that dates back to the days of British India. Originally started as Mugalpura Engineering College at Lahore, it got affiliated to Punjab University in the year 1931. It became a deemed university in October, 2003. Spread on 146 acres of land in Chandigarh, it keeps on disseminating world-class education in various branches of engineering. Over the years, it has global recognition for playing a pioneering role in technical education.

Fees per semester

Rs 36, 165 ( per semester) + other fees as applicable

College of Engineering, Pune

College of Engineering, Pune College of Engineering, pune belongs to the class of institutions with 150 years of glorious history in giving technical education to people in India. Working dedicatedly to enhance quality in engineering studies, it has not gone back on teaching the most important ethical part of it to its students in India. It has designed many programmes in enhancing quality through internships, study abroad programmes, and excellent facilities for research. It has continued to exist and flourish through a strong network of alumni and industry has always shown patronage to this premier organization in education. For this, it has always stayed in the top twenty rankings for quality education.

Rs 21,326 (Per semester) + other fees as applicable

Study loans from banks

Almost all the banks in India give loan for studying engineering in top-notched engineering colleges. As the rules in top public sector banks go, students could borrow up to 4 lakhs and for this sum, they do not need to give any security. They could borrow up to 7.5 lakhs rupees after submitting the right kind of security, needed by the banks. Usually, banks need a third party guarantee signed by relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Students could repay the loan with interest after they get job in future.

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