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JEE Main 2015 Important Books

JEE Main 2015 Important BooksAt askIITians, we teach students to make wise choices. When you are out to buy books for JEE 2015 entrance exam, never ask a book shop owner to point them out to you. They only recommend books that offer them maximum commission.

Please note that there are hardly any good books in the market right now that target only the JEE Main exam – as it is still a new concept. But there are some excellent books ruling the markets for decades that you can use for reference of your overall JEE preparation. There are a few AIEEE books too that you can use for JEE Main preparation.

The bare-minimum JEE Main Books 2015 engineering exam aspirants must study besides their textbooks are:




Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma - Volume 1 and Volume 2

Complete Physics for JEE Main 2014 by Irodov

NCERT books (only for Theory)

IIT chemistry by O.P Tandon

Complete Chemistry for JEE Main 2014 by NCERT

IIT Mathematics by R.D Sharma

The Pearson Guide to Complete Mathematics for JEE by SL Loney

Click here for the complete list of important books for JEE Preparation. 

Tips on how to buy best JEE books

  • Remember to buy only the latest editions of JEE Main preparation books: Each revised edition ensures that the book is more concurrent and includes solved problems and practice questions according to the latest exam pattern and exam trends.

  • Do not refer to too many books at a time. Stick to one book and look at other books only when you need help on a specific topic. To know which book to refer for which topic, read author’s introduction. The area of his or her expertise and interest areas are good pointers to topics which will best be covered by the book written by the author.

  • Save money by looking at our free study material first. It has been prepared by ex-IITians and askIITians experts after careful research and paper analysis. It might be sufficient for a major part of your exam preparation. You can then buy books only as you need them.

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We promise that your information will be our little secret. To know more please see our Privacy Policy


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