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With an aim to provide quality education to the students of class 8, askIITians have adopted several imperative steps with the assistance of experienced academic experts. At askIITians, students are offered sufficient study materials so that they prosper academically. All the educational materials are designed in most comprehensive manner in order to develop students’ basic skills including reading and writing.

At askIITians, we design the syllabus of the students with an aim to accelerate the academic performance of the student through progressive and innovative knowledge input methods. We are a one stop platform for all the educational needs. Our services are cost-effective and requires no traveling.

CBSE CLASS 8 Syllabus

The CBSE Board has carved a strong foothold in the competitive era due to its well-structured syllabus and useful sample papers and question papers.

CBSE Class 8 Science

Owning to the sheer dedication and commitments of subject experts, askIITians provide its students useful learning materials of the CBSE 8th class science subject. Science subject gives an overview about the world and also about the living organisms and their surroundings. In the higher level, the subject is divided into biology, chemistry and physics.


Syllabus Test Homework
Crop Production and Management Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Synthetic Fibres and Plastics Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Coal and Petroleum Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Conservation of Plants and Animals Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Reproduction In Animals Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Force and Pressure Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Sound Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Some Natural Phenomena Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Stars and The Solar System Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Micro-organisms: Friend and Foe Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Materials: Metals and Non-Metals Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Combustion and Flame Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Cell - Structure and Functions Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Reaching The Age of Adolescence Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Friction Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Chemical Effects of Electric Current Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Light Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Pollution of Air and Water Chapter Test Questions Soutions

For NCERT Solutions of Class 8 Science Click here

CBSE Class 8 Mathematics

Math is one of the most prestigious subjects and is highly demandable in varied fields including engineering, medical, banking, research, etc. The CBSE Class 8 Maths is designed to help students imporve their math concepts in a precised way.


Syllabus Test Homework
Rational Numbers Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Linear Equations in Over Variable Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Understanding Quadrilaterals Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Practical Geometry Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Data Handling Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Squares and Square Roots Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Cubes and Cube Roots Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Comparing Quantities Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Algebraic Expressions and Identities Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Visualising Solid Shapes Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Mensuration Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Exponents and Powers Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Direct and Inverse Proportions Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Factorisation Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Introduction to Graphs Chapter Test Questions Soutions
Playing with Numbers Chapter Test Questions Soutions

For NCERT Solutions of Class 8 Mathematics Click here

CBSE Class 8 Social Science

The syllabus in Social Science help students gain detail knowledge of cultural, social, political and economic growth of the society. The syllabus helps students understand the historical, geographical and the economic background of our country in a better manner.

Social Science

Unit – 1 History
A: Our Pasts – III, Part-1 B: Our Pasts – III, Part-2
How, When And Where Weavers, Iron Smelters And Factory Owners
From Trade To Territory: The Company Establishes Power Civilising The "Native", Educating The Nation
Ruling The Countryside Women, Caste And Reform
Tribals, Dikus And The Vision Of A Golden Age The Changing World Of Visual Arts
When People Rebel: 1857 And After The Making Of The National Movement: 1870s - 1947
Colonialism And The City: The Story of an Imperial Capital India After Independence
Unit – 2 Geography (Resource and Development)
Resources Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation And Wildlife Resources
Mineral And Power Resources Agriculture
Industries Human Resources
Unit – 3 Civics (Social and Political Life – III)
The Indian Constitution Understanding Secularism
Why Do We Need A Parliament? Understanding Laws
Judiciary Understanding Our Criminal Justice System
Understanding Marginalization Confronting Marginalization
Public Facilities Law And Social Justice
Unit – 4 Disater Management (Together, Towards A Safer India)
Being Prepared - A Vital Part Of Disaster Management Earthquakes
Cyclones Floods
Drought Man-made Disasters - An Overview

For NCERT Solutions of Class 8 Social Science Click here

CBSE Class 8 English

English is the most expressive and creative language and also considered as a language of communication in various countries across the globe. The subject is categorized into three categories namely:

Old English Middle English Modern English



Honeydew (Textbook)
The Best Christmas Present In The World The Tsunami
Glimpses Of The Past Bepin Choudhury's Lapse Of Memory
The Summit Within This Is Jody's Fawn
A Visit To Cambridge A Short Monsoon Diary
The Great Stone Face I The Great Stone Face II
It so Happened (Supplementary Reader)
How The Camel Got His Hump Children At Work
The Selfish Giant The Treasure Within
Princess September The Fight
The Open Window Jalebis
The Comet I The Comet II

For NCERT Solutions of Class 8 English Click here

CBSE Class 8 Hindi

Hindi is an important language and largely used for communication in varied parts of the country. Written in ‘Devnagari’ or ‘Nagari’ scripts, the Hindi language is considered as a mother tongue in some northern regions of India.


Vasant Durwa
१. वह चिड़िया जो (कविता) १. कलम
२. बचपन (संस्मरण) २. किताब
३. नादान दोस्त (कहानी) ३. घर
४. चाँद से थोड़ी-सी गप्पे (कविता) ४. पतंग
५. अक्षरो का महत्त्व (निबंध) ५. भालू
६. पार नजर के (कहानी) ६. झरना
७. साथी हाथ बढ़ाना - एक दौड़ ऐसी भी (केवल पढ़ने के लिए) ७. धनुष
८. एस - एस (एकांकी) ८. रुमाल
९. टिकेट - एल्बम (कहानी) ९. कक्षा
१०. झांसी की रानी (कविता) १०. गुब्बारा
११. जो देखकर भी नहीं देखते (निबंध) - छूना और देखना (केवल पढ़ने के लिए) ११. पर्वत
१२. संसार पुस्तक है (पत्र) १२. हमारा घर
१३. मैं सबसे छोटी होऊं (कविता) १३. कपडे की दूकान
१४. लोकगीत (निबंध) - दो हरियाणवी लोक गीत (केवल पढ़ने के लिए) १४. फल
१५. नोकर (निबंध) १५. बातचीत
१६. वन के मार्ग में (कविता) १६. शिलांग से फ़ोन
१७. साँस - साँस मे बाँस (निबंध) - पेपरमेशी (केवल पढ़ने के लिए) १७. तितली
  १८. ईश्वरचन्द्र विद्यासागर
  १९. प्रदर्शनी
  २०. चिट्ठी
  २१. अंगुलिमाल
  २२. यात्रा की तैयारी
  २३. हाथी
  २४. डॉक्टर के पास
  २५. जयपुर से पत्र
  २६. बढे चलो
  २७. व्यर्थ की शंका
  २८. गधा और सियार

For NCERT Solutions of Class 8 Click here


CBSE Class 8 Books

Serial No Subjects Books


NCERT DruvaBhag 3 (DwitiyaBhasha) Hindi class 8

NCERT Text Book in Hindi VasantBhag - 3 for Class 8

NCERT Bharat Ki Khoj Suppl. Hindi class 8



NCERT Honeydew English class 8

NCERT It So happened English Suppl. class 8



NCERT Mathematics Textbook For Class 8



NCERT Science Textbook for Class 8


Social Science

NCERT Our Pasts Book III part I- History class 8

NCERT Textbook in Social and Political Life III for Class 8

NCERT Textbook In Geography for Class 8



NCERT Ruchira - TritiyaBhag (Sanskrit) class 8


Sample Paper with their Solutions

Mathematics (SA1)

Sample Paper 1 Solutions
Sample Paper 2 Solutions
Sample Paper 3 Solutions


Mathematics (SA2)

Sample Paper 1 Solutions
Sample Paper 2 Soutions
Sample Paper 3 Solutions


Science (SA1)

Sample Paper 1 Solutions
Sample Paper 2 Solutions
Sample Paper 3 Solutions


Science (SA2)

Sample Paper 1 Solutions
Sample Paper 2 Soutions
Sample Paper 3 Solutions


CBSE Class 8 Tips & Tricks

  • Accomplish Your Time Successfully: In order to succeed well in life, you need to be good at time management. Therefore, you must manage the time for your studies.

  • Set Aims For Achievement: In order to complete your syllabus in time, you must set your daily target. This will help you give sufficient amount of time to revise the syllabus once again.

  • Gain Your Speed: Practice solving at least 5-10 question & answer of your subject daily to gain speed.

  • Refer Your Books: Most questions in CBSE boards are based directly on NCERT books. So, study them carefully.

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