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Franchisee program in Ramgarh


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askIITians CenteraskIITians’ new dream venture for IIT-JEE and NEET (AIPMT) aspirants, right at the heart of the famous mining, industrial, and the cultural hub of Ramgarh district in Jharkhand state, promises to break all barriers in education and prepare aspirants for the real competitive world beyond their region.

This online IIT-JEE and NEET (AIPMT) coaching center aims to help students of Ramgarh with contemporary smart-class features in education. Considering students’ exponentially growing academic demands, this coaching center has been designed innovatively to offer quality lectures from ex-IITians and MBBS graduates with years of experience in competitive examination training. Recently established in the district, this center is likely to bring relief to those who have to migrate from their hometowns to cities like Patna, Bokaro, Kota, etc.

The center is equipped with all modern facilities to innovate learning experience of all students in the district.

  • Ramgarh’s Toppers (JEE Main 2016)

Prateek Aryan

JEE Main Score – 122

Category – General

Vivek Raj

JEE Main Score – 120

Category – OBC

Anshu Kumar

JEE Main Score – 107

Category – OBC

Hrijusha Arvind

JEE Main Score – 104

Category – General

Shruti Modi

JEE Main Score – 100

Category – General

Abhishek Kumar

JEE Main Score – 92

Category – SC

  • Ramgarh’s Toppers (JEE Main 2015)

Shubham Mittal

JEE Main Score – 100

Category – OBC

Ankit Kuswaha

JEE Main Score – 74

Category – OBC

Suraj Prasad

JEE MAIN Score – 100

Category – OBC

  • Resources offered by our center in Ramgarh includes:

1) Expert faculty (only ex-IITians),

2) Well-planned study material, DPPs (Daily Practice Papers), and AITS (All India Test Series)

3) 24X7 online support.

  • Key Benefits of Online Coaching Center in Ramgarh includes:

1) As most regions in the district are naxal-affected, parents fear sending their kids out to study. But with the arrival of AskIITians’ coaching  center, they can now offer quality medical and IIT-JEE coaching to their children right at their homes.

2) The center comes as a boon for people employed with public sector in the district as they are in constant search of online institutions like  this. With one in their region itself now, they can achieve their professional goals effectively.

3) Existing quality of medical and IIT-JEE coaching in in Ramgarh is not up to the mark. The center is likely to bring the required reform in  medical and IIT-JEE coaching with innovative online learning platform.

Courses Offered by askIITians' Ramgarh Center:

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Contact Details:

Business Partner: Mr. Nirmal Kumar Sinha


2nd Floor, Satkoudi Complex- II

Thana Chawk, Ramgarh,


Contact Number: 9939586130


askIITians Results – 2016 : Leadership Proved Once Again

JEE Advanced 2016 474 Selections

Amey Ravindra Patil (AIR – 65)

Amey Ravindra Patil, an askIITians student got AIR 65 in JEE Advanced 2016. He says “askIITians provides fabulous and fascinating educational experience through its properly designed syllabus that covers schools level and takes the student to competitive level so that he can clear his JEE exam easily.”

Toppers AIR
Gargi Singh 136
Siddhant 233
Joshi Pranil Satish 296

JEE Main 2016882 Selections

Amey Ravindra Patil (Total Marks – 311)

Amey Ravindra Patil, an askIITians student scored 311 marks in JEE Main 2016. He says “askiitians is best institute to prepare for JEE online. No need to go anywhere and get utilized each and every second of your time which is most important in JEE Preparation.”

Toppers Total Marks
Harsh Pare 297
Kenrick Xavier Pinto 293
Shubham Gupta 283
  • Complete AIPMT/AIIMS Course and Test Series
  • OFFERED PRICE: R 15,000
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