JEE Advanced 2014 Sample Papers: Practice More and Track Your Performance!

JEE Advanced 2014 Sample PapersaskIITians JEE Advanced 2014 Sample Papers have been designed by a core-team of 20 ex-IITians and former IIT professors. They are excellent tools for practice as well as tracking performance. These JEE Advanced Model Papers 2014 include questions on all the important topics covered in the exam syllabus and are based on latest examination trends.


Students should take these tests to familiarize themselves with the paper pattern , develop a feel for the exam, identify gaps in their preparation and build speed and accuracy.


Close analysis of past year papers of IIT JEE and JEE Advanced exam has been done to develop these JEE Advanced Practice Papers 2014. Hence, they include all types of questions asked in the exam and prepare you for what you should expect in the actual exam.

  • JEE Advanced Sample Papers:

Paper 1

Paper 2 



  • Chapterwise Sample Papers



Structure of Atom Solutions
Matrices and Determinants Solutions
Probability Solutions
Modern Physics Solutions
Permutations and Combinations Solutions
Properties of Triangle Solutions
Some Basics Concepts of Chemistry Solutions
States of Matter Solutions
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers Solutions
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids Solutions
Mechanical Properties of Solids & Fluids Solutions
Quadratic Equation and Inequations Solutions
Sequences and Series Solutions
Solutions Solutions

The d and f-block Elements and Coordination Compounds Solutions

The p-block Elements Solutions
Thermodynamics Solutions
The s-block Elements Solutions
The Solid State & Surface Chemistry Solutions
Waves Solutions


Download JEE Sample Papers 2014 here! 

askIITians offers JEE Advanced 2014 Sample Papers with Solution – for all JEE aspirants. Once you solve the papers, check them with given solutions and find out your scores.

You should also compare methods you used to solve a question and methods used by the experts. This will help you to learn more efficient ways to find the correct answer for certain type of questions and save precious exam time!

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