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JEE Main 2018 Syllabus


JEE Main 2018 SyllabusJEE Main 2018 syllabus is a list of topics and sub-topics specified by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) as the ones you should cover as students of Class 11 and Class 12 to prepare the Joint Entrance Examination next year. These topics are considered to be the basics engineering aspirants must master before enrolling for undergraduate engineering programs.

Detailed JEE Main Syllabus for Paper 1

Overall, there have been no major changes in the syllabus of the exam in the last few years and it is same as JEE Main/Advanced and the CBSE syllabus for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for Class XI and Class XII. NCERT books are the best way to cover the specified syllabus for JEE Main 2018.

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Detailed JEE Main Syllabus for Paper 2

Part 1 Tests

  • Awareness of persons, places, buildings, and materials

  • Objects and texture related to architecture and build environment

  • Visualising 3D objects from two dimensional drawings

  • Visualising different sides of 3D objects

  • Analytical Reasoning

  • Mental Ability (Visual, Numerical and Verbal)

  • 3D perception: Understanding and appreciation of scale and proportion of objects, building forms and elements, colour texture, harmony and contrast.

  • Design and drawing of geometrical or abstract shapes and patterns in pencil.

  • Transformation of forms both 2D and 3D union, subtraction, rotation, development of surfaces and volumes, Generation of Plan, elevations and 3D views of objects.

  • Creating 2D and 3D compositions using given shapes and forms.

  • Sketching of scenes and activities from memory of urbanscape (public space, market, festivals, street scenes, monuments, recreational spaces etc.), landscape (river fronts, jungles. gardens, tre es, plants etc.) and rural life.

Part 2 Test

If the CBSE issues any information regarding change in the JEE Main syllabus for 2018 and 2018, this page will be updated accordingly.

How to use Syllabus for JEE Main Preparation?

JEE Main Syllabus for Paper 1

  • Students should go through the syllabus carefully before starting each chapter and pay close attention to the topics and sub-topics they need to cover in that chapter. This tunes one’s mind to grasp all the important aspects of the chapter in detail.

Our mind works like Google. The topics and sub-topics in the syllabus get stored as keywords and when you need to retrieve information related to them, these keywords will help you do it faster just because you read them before the chapter.

  • Go through the syllabus time-to-time during your preparation to make sure you have not missed out on any important topic in a chapter.

  • Ex-IITians often recommend that engineering aspirants should make a study schedule for their preparation. You can use the syllabus to decide how many topics you will cover a day to make sure you cover syllabuses of all subjects in time and get time to revise them too.

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  • Complete JEE Main/Advanced Course and Test Series
  • OFFERED PRICE: Rs. 15,900
  • View Details
Get extra Rs. 1,272 off
USE CODE: Neerajwin