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ISC Class 12 Board Examination


Table of Content

CISCEThe Indian School Certificate (ISC) Examination is conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certification Examination (CISCE). Available only in English medium, it is conducted for those students who have completed two years of study after clearing the ICSE or an equivalent Class 10 board examination.  

Last year, the pass percentage of students in ICSE board exams was 98.20% while the pass percentage in ISC board exams was 95.15% . The CISCE board conducted Class 12 board exams for 50 written subjects, including 14 Indian languages, 5 foreign languages and 2 classical languages.

Note: Private candidates are not allowed to appear in the ISC exam

ISC board Class 12 Eligibility Criteria

  • Students can be admitted to Class XI in the schools affiliated to ISC board only if they have cleared the ICSE exam or an equivalent Class 10 board exam with five subjects, including English.

  • Students can appear for ISC exams only of they have at least 75% attendance in school in Class 11 and 12 by January 31 of the corresponding academic year. Anyhow, the Chief Executive and Secretary may allow the students with 60% attendance and above in special circumstances like prolonged illness.

  • There is no specified age limit for the exam.

ISC Class 12 Syllabus

Students can choose three, four or five electives under the ISC board. English is compulsory. A student cannot sit for more than six subject exams, including English. Students also need to secure a pass grade in Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) and Community Service to be able to appear for the exam.

Below is the list of subjests that the students may opt for ISC board examination. 

List of the subjects for ISC Board Examination




Geometrical & Building Drawing 

Indian Languages




Modern Foreign Languages 


Home Science

Music (Indian or Western)

Classical Languages


Fashion Designing

Physical Education

English Literature


Electricity & Electronics

Environmental Science


Business Studies 

Engineering Science


Political Science


Computer Science




Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing


ISC Class 12 Important Dates 2017

Day & Month




Monday, January 30 9.00 A.M. Chemistry - Paper 2 (Practical) 3 hrs.
Tuesday, January 31 9.00 A.M. Indian Music - Hindustani Paper 2 (Practical) Indian Music - Camatic Paper 2 (Practical) Western Music - Paper 2 (Practical) Home Science - Paper 2 (Practical) - Planning Session 20 Minutes, 20 Minutes, 28 Minutes, 1 hr.
Thursday, February 02 9.00 A.M. Computer Science - Paper 2 (Practical) Planning Session Examination Session 3 hrs.
Monday, February 06 9.00 A.M. Physics-Paper 2 (Practical) 3 hrs.
Tuesday, February 07 9.00 A.M. Home Science - Paper 2 (Practical) - Examination Session 3 hrs.
Wednesday, February 08 9.00 A.M. Biology - Paper 2 (Practical) 3 hrs.
Wednesday, March 01 2.00 P.M. Physics - Paper 1 (Theory) 3 hrs.
Thursday, March 02 2.00 P.M. Home Science - Paper 1 (Theory) Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing Geometrical & Building Drawing 3 hrs., 3 hrs., 3 hrs.
Thursday, March 09 2.00 P.M. Indian Music - Hindustani Paper 1 (Theory) Indian Music - Camatic Paper 1 (Theory) Western Music - Paper 1 (Theory) Fashion Designing - Paper 1 (Theory) 3 hrs., 3 hrs., 3 hrs., 3 hrs.
Friday, March 10 9.00 A.M. Biotechnology - Paper 2 (Practical) 3 hrs.
Wednesday, March 15 2.00 P.M. Mathematics 3 hrs.
Thursday, March 16 9.00 A.M. Art Paper 4 (Original Imaginative Composition in Colour) 3 hrs.
Friday, March 17 2.00 P.M. English - Paper 1 (English Language) 3 hrs.
Saturday, March 18 9.00 A.M. Art Paper 1 (Drawing of Painting from Still Life) 3 hrs.
Monday, March 20 2.00 P.M. Chemistry - Paper 1 (Theory) 3 hrs.
Wednesday, March 22 2.00 P.M. English - Paper 2 (Literature in English) 3 hrs.
Friday, March 24 2.00 P.M. Biology - Paper 1 (Theory) 3 hrs.
Saturday, March 25 2.00 P.M. Political Science 3 hrs.
Monday, March 27 2.00 P.M. Computer Science - Paper 1 (Theory) 3 hrs.
Wednesday, March 29 2.00 P.M. History Biotechnology - Paper 1 (Theory) 3 hrs., 3 hrs.
Friday, March 31 2.00 P.M. Business Studies 3 hrs.
Monday, April 03 2.00 P.M. Commerce Electricity and Electronics 3 hrs., 3 hrs.
Wednesday, April 05 2.00 P.M. Indian Languages / Modern Foreign Languages / Classical Languages 3 hrs.
Thursday, April 06 9.00 A.M. Art Paper 3 (Drawing or Painting of a Living Person) 3 hrs.
Friday, April 07 2.00 P.M. Physical Education - Paper 1 (Theory) 3 hrs.
Saturday, April 08 9.00 A.M. Art Paper 2 (Drawing & Painting from Nature) 3 hrs.
Monday, April 10 2.00 P.M. Accounts 3 hrs.
Wednesday, April 12 2.00 P.M. Geography - Paper 1 (Theory) 3 hrs.
Monday, April 17 2.00 P.M. Elective English 3 hrs.
Wednesday, April 19 2.00 P.M. Economics 3 hrs.
Friday, April 21 2.00 P.M. Environmental Science - Paper 1 (Theory) 3 hrs.
Saturday, April 22 9.00 A.M. Art Paper 5 (Crafts "A") 3 hrs.
Monday, April 24 2.00 P.M. Psychology 3 hrs.
Tuesday, April 25 9.00 A.M. Fashion Designing - Paper 2 (Practical) 3 hrs.
Wednesday, April 26 2.00 P.M. Sociology 3 hrs.


Please Note: Subject Combinations are not allowed in ISC Class 12 Examination.

In electives, students cannot take:

  • Physics along with Engineering Science

  • Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing along with Geometrical & Building Drawing

Click here to download subject wise ISC board syllabus for Class 12 

ISC books for Class 12

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ISC Class 12 Previous Year papers

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Download Question papers for ISC Class 12 exams for 2017

Download Question papers for ISC Class 12 exams for 2016 

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