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The mere thought of appearing for the Indian School Certificate (ISC) Examination can give nightmares to the most accomplished of students. But with the10 tricks given below each student can defeat these nightmares and excel in the ISC Class XII board exams. By now, you are almost an adult familiar with these tricks. However, repeating them here is just our way to help you realise how they can positively impact your Class XII score card.


Ok, we are messing with you a bit. It simply means, Your Weakness, Your Strengths. Only you know them. And, if you do not, ask your teachers, parents and friends to point them out. Once you work that out, then you need to work to strengthen your positives and eliminate your negatives and easily top your ISC board exams.

Mark Important Topics

You are old enough to know the importance of understanding your syllabus. So, we will jump straight in and tell you that knowing the important topics is also mandatory. Your teachers will never stop telling you the important topics and it is your duty to mark them, study them and master them.

Tasks on your Time-Table

It is very important to allocate time for every subject. Prepare a daily, weekly and monthly time table. Your teachers will tell you average times needed to devote to each subject and topic. Also take into account YWYS and prepare time table accordingly. Get a parent or sibling to become the taskmaster who never ever lets you slip the schedule.

Adapt Smart Study Methods

It is for you to decide the most appropriate smart study method. But, our experience tells us, understanding a concept is paramount. After that, you can use Mnemonics, revision charts, flash cards, mind maps or traditional lists. Whatever helps your memorise and retain your ISC syllabus.

Write to be Right

You may become upset when parents say, Write and Learn. We agree with them. Practice your answers and topics by writing them. The chances of you being 100% right in your ISC Class XII examination will become extremely high. You are appearing for a written exam, so writing your answers ensures that speed, precision and neatness become your friends when you appear for the exams.

Don’t Forget Practical Exams

This is especially true for science students. Practical tests cannot be taken lightly. Don’t think your school will give the requisite marks. There will be an invigilator; she/he will mark you as per your performance. Your school has no say. And, these few marks will affect your final ISC board exams score.

Make Practice Your Mantra

Practice online tests, ISC last year papers, practical experiments and physical tests. Just keep practicing till you are achieving more than 95% every time in every test. This is the minimum that you should achieve. And, if you do manage to score 100% most of the time, don’t become arrogant and stop practicing. Click here for ISC sample papers and last year’s papers.

Healthy Body Ensures an Active Mind

While studying to excel at the ISC Class XII boards, your body also should receive adequate nutrition and exercise. Again, you are old enough to know the different healthy and junk options along with exercises that suit you. All we are saying is that: eat healthily, exercise regularly and your body will ensure that your mind remains active and alert while you prepare for you ISC Board Exams.

Ignore Social Media’s

We are just going to repeat what your parents must be saying, stop using social media sites and delete your accounts. These sites distract and waste precious time that you can devote to study or practice ISC sample papers, rest or exercise. You can rejoin to announce a brilliant result after one year of focussed study.

Relax and Seek Counselling

Your ISC board exam is just another exam, so relax. You may find it highly difficult to relax but meditation and deep breaths help. Visit your school counsellor to learn relaxation techniques or if your fear seems to become a nightmare.

All the Best !


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