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We promise that your information will be our little secret. To know more please see our Privacy Policy
We promise that your information will be our little secret. To know more please see our Privacy Policy

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By Rahul verma
AskIITians really helped me in realizing my dream of cracking the prestigious exam like IIT JEE.The study material that they provided covered all the topics and it also contained graded levels of assignments of varying difficulty on each topic. This helped in the development of application and analytical skills required for the JEE. Moreover their periodic tests were a blessing in disguise. The frequent tests forced me to remain in touch of all the subjects. The faculty consisting of ex-IITians is great and very helpful. It was an awesome experience to be associated with askIITians.

By Yusuf Ahsan
a) I chose askIITians to prepare for JEE, SAT, BITS etc, examinations. b) it has helped me a lot. it is covering everything that is to be taught. the tutors are of high standard and are very helpful.

By Nihit jain
Thanks to AskIITians for making my Foundation strong and clearing my doubts. I love attending the Online Interactive classes by the AskIITians . The Faculties help me to prepare me in the right direction. I appreciate the concern which AskIItians have for the student’s preparation.

By Prajjwal Mehta
I chose askiitian because of the teacher which are teaching me are iitians which give me questions of iit and a expereince about iit . askiitians is helping me for JEE as teachers are giving me competitive questiosns which are asked in JEE thus also helping me in CBSE

By Shravani Kulkarni
The askIITians website has been helping a lot. I am able to improve myself with the help of the tutors. The modules and the questions provided are helping and also the tests are satisfying. I dont face much problems during the sessions and if I do I am helped to solve them very quickly. The timings are perfect and I would like to continue with askIITians in future too.

By Aneesh
I would like to thank everyone at AskIITians for all your help, support and constant motivation, without which I might not have qualified. I joined AskIITians after comparing many websites that offer online coaching. Now I am very happy with my choice. The faculty at AskIITians are superb. The classes are very interactive and all my doubts were cleared. The classes were held as scheduled, leaving enough time to practice questions. The study material and tests were also very good, and helped a lot in the preparation for JEE. Frequent tests were conducted, which was very helpful. I would definitely recommend AskIITians to anyone looking for good quality coaching.

By Himanshu Tyagi
askIITians provided me with great help. The faculties are really good and listen to your problems whenever you want. Strongly recommend to all.

By V.S.R Vijay
a)I chose AskIITians because i believe that i will be able to achieve my goal through your classes . b) I think my basic concept and doubts relating to each subject will be cleared and by practicing the material that has been sent i am getting more practice and the speed in which i answer the questions has also improved

By Shawn
I would like to thank the faculty of askIItians for their support and excellent online lectures that helped in clearing my doubts and forming a solid foundation. The main thing I like about this portal is their daily practice papers. Once a topic is over, they provide practice papers on the topic which helps in knowing what kind of questions can be asked from the particular topic. This thing also helped me in knowing the areas where I lack so that I could work more on those domains. I must also thank the faculty for their valuable and precious guidance.

By vinita seth
"I am studying in Grade 9. I have joined askIITians for my CBSE exam preparation. It is wonderful experience studying here. I would really thank the Institute for creating such a wonderful environment where students can ask their queries to their mentor and get the answer.It helped me a lot and I have no more to go anywhere to clear my doubts. It is a complete package in itself."


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