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We promise that your information will be our little secret. To know more please see our Privacy Policy
We promise that your information will be our little secret. To know more please see our Privacy Policy


By Suraj Sooresh
AskIITinas helped me a lot in my board examination as well as IIT JEE preparation. Every concept was taught enthusiastically. All India Test Series, DPP, and their study material helped me in understanding the nature and pattern of the Examination and also to improve my performance. I thank AskIITians team for giving an excellent start on a long route to success

By Pentakota Ganesh
It's just a great feeling to have achieved success in the Board exams. I credit my success to my parents and AskIITians .AskIITians has helped me a lot and it was one of the reasons why i scored 99% marks in math in my 11th . Hats off to the AskIITians team. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

By Afzal Skhaikh
I have a great experience with Askiitians. The Study materials are excellent and designed in any best way. It is self explanatory and very helpful. I am feeling very cinfident for my NTSE as well as Olympiad examination

By Rekha dixit
My Chemistry base was very weak. I always secured just passing marks in it. This was the main issue for me as I was preparing for IIT JEE. So as I was searching for coaching classes I got to know about online tutoring. Though a bit hesitant, I joined it thinking that it would save my time of commuting to coaching classes. And today I really thank God that I took a right decision. I have not only developed interest in chemistry but also I can easily solve most of the questions. This dream couldn’t have realized without askIITians.

By Saravanan
a) I am basically very interested in learning . My aim is to get into IIT JEE . Some acquaintances of mine suggested that Askiitians is a good choice . And so , I have chosen it . b)Till date , I have attended only 1 class in askIITians . BUt however , the class was very interesting and easy to understand . It was simply awesome ! After yesterday's class , I have got a confidence of scoring more in my exams .

By Shawn
I would like to thank the faculty of askIItians for their support and excellent online lectures that helped in clearing my doubts and forming a solid foundation. The main thing I like about this portal is their daily practice papers. Once a topic is over, they provide practice papers on the topic which helps in knowing what kind of questions can be asked from the particular topic. This thing also helped me in knowing the areas where I lack so that I could work more on those domains. I must also thank the faculty for their valuable and precious guidance.

By Aniket singh
I had a very good experience with askIITians. All the teachers were very good. The teachers were like friends and they would explain everything very well. They encouraged me to clear my concepts by asking more and more doubts. I really liked their study material mainly because it had many examples on every topic. Their online lectures and the study material made it very easy to understand all the concepts.

By Anjali rao
 OH! AskIITians is a wonderful site. It is very useful for me . In my previous exam i scored 100% in maths and 98% in Science . if i or if any of my friends have doubt we all just refer to it. it is an excellent site .

By Iftikar Ahmad
Well I must say Live Interactive classes by the AskIITians Professors helped me a lot in improving my fundamentals in Physics. Their teaching methodology is awesome. Their personalized recommendations helped me improve my weak areas. Study material provided by a part of AskIITians

By Salma Khan
I have joined askiitians for my NTSE preparation. Now I am feeeling very confident about my exams. The way faculties made my doubt clear is awesome. The made any subject easy to understand and Clear. DPPs helped me a lot in gaining expertise in the examination. Faculties motibated me at eacha andevery step.


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