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By Shristi Tiwari
I have joined AskIITians for my 11th experience. Faculties are very good and their way of delivering the lectures are simply awesome. No doubt AskIITinas helped me a lot in making my basics strong and develop interest in Science . I thank all the faculties of AskIITinas for their help in shaping my career.No doubt AskIITinas helped me a lot in making my basics strong and develop interest in Science . I thank all the faculties of AskIITinas for their help in shaping my career.

By Kashif Hussain
I joined askIITians for the JEE preparation. It offers a variety of benefits to its students. The comprehensive study material inclusive of questions enables students to master every topic. Its unique mock tests acquaint a student with his weak areas and the test series give an idea about the trend of questions asked in the examination. The online lectures gave the feeling of a classroom where I could even ask my doubts. On the whole, I would say I really thank askIITians for their stupendous support which helped me crack the JEE.

By S Ramesh
All the syllabus in math and science were cleared by the AskIITians experts and today on behalf of them only I could stand on the GPPD scorer. I hope all Topper faculty, especially siddhart sir and vikas sir have helped me a lot in lampooning the horror of subjects.

By Salma Khan
I have joined askiitians for my NTSE preparation. Now I am feeeling very confident about my exams. The way faculties made my doubt clear is awesome. The made any subject easy to understand and Clear. DPPs helped me a lot in gaining expertise in the examination. Faculties motibated me at eacha andevery step.

By Nishita verma
AskIItians helped me a lot in my 7th board preparation. it gave me a very good understanding of the subject specially Math and Chemistry. Live interactive classes are simply outstanding. Tests helped me in rectifying my errors. With AskIITians I developed myinterest in Chemistry. Test helped me a lot in rectifying my errors.

By Niranjan C
I got to know about the askiitians about one of my friend . And really Askiitians brought the Classroom at my desktop.Askiitians helped me a lot in saving my precious time and utilize it in my study. The AITS is the best one .It helped me in improving my weak area and understanding the nature and level of the examination.

By Dikshita Naidu
Let me admit the fact that ya I am enjoying my studies with Askiitains. The faculties here are very talented and supportive .They made the subject very easy for me. With Askiitians I developed interest in the subject and confident enough to Crack Olympiad examniation.

By Mohammed Ameen
a) As I am an IIT aspirant, I want to crack the IIT-JEE exam. Of course, as we all know that it is very difficult to get into IIT, therefore it would require hard-work and support to crack the exam. AskIITians is helping me greatly to achieve this goal, and I strongly believe that I can do it with all the help and encouragement of the faculty of AskIITians. b) AskIITians is helping me greatly for my preparation for CBSE and JEE. The faculty is very interactive and friendly towards the students and helps me understand concepts easily. They also ask questions in between the class to check if we have understood the concepts or not, and this helps us evaluate how much we have understood ourselves. They also respond satisfactorily to our doubts and clear them.

By Fayas Ahmed
I admit that joining Askiitians is a life changing experince for me . I have been selected in IIT-JEE with good rank and happy with my result. The faculties at Askiitians are awesome and helped me a lot in clearing my doubts at each and every level. At the end i admit the fact that good studies and guidence like which provide Askiitains is enough for cracking the examination like JEE

By Abrar Khan
During my classes with AskIITians I always feel like I am in interactive class although I attend the class from my home. It helped me a lot in saving my time and also money ofcourse. The way faculties deliver their lecture and make the concept understandable is just awesome. I was week in Calculus before joining the coching but now my concepts are clear. AskIITians gives it all!!!!!!!


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