IIT JEE Chemistry

Chemistry is one such subject which can assure you guaranteed marks in IIT JEE if you have prepared well. Most of the topics in chemistry are not very much twisted and get tested directly. For example most of the students do not pay much attention to topics like:- s, p, d blocks, transition elements, surface chemistry, coordination compounds, gaseous state, nuclear chemistry, chemical equilibrium and stereo-chemistry. These topics are not only easy but do get questions in IIT JEE Chemistry papers every year and hence are very scoring but still students do neglect them. Scoring in Chemistry is more about planning than about application and understanding of concepts. Certain topics like organic chemistry are pretty much like mathematics and physics as far as IIT JEE is concerned as it relies on testing of concepts and questions are always framed considering multiple concepts together. Unlike organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry is directly opposite as all questions asked are always direct and do not need much application. Topics like stoichiometry are always difficult to handle and need lot of in depth knowledge about reactions and mole concept.

It is very much advisable to solve past 10 years IIT JEE papers for chemistry. Most of the questions are repeated in an indirect manner. This is truer for inorganic and organic chemistry than physical chemistry because in physical chemistry lot of concept testing is involved. When you solve problems from past years IIT JEE papers of Chemistry, you would see a pattern in which questions / concepts are tested. In fact with a proper planning you can make chemistry as the most scoring subject out of all three in IIT JEE.

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Physical Chemistry | Organic Chemistry | Inorganic Chemistry

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