NTSE Sample Papers 2014

NTSE sample papers are good for testing the ground before walking on it. Askiitians offer NTSE sample paper for free download that have been designed in exactly the pattern of a real NTSE test.

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Our NTSE sample papers also include solutions with rationale and logic used to arrive at the correct answer.

Full Paper – 1 Full Paper – 2 Full Paper – 3 Full Paper – 4 Full Paper – 5
Physics Chemistry Mathematics Biology Civics
  • State Level Sample Papers

Sample Paper- 1

Sample Paper- 2

Sample Paper- 3

Sample Paper- 4

Sample Paper- 5

Sample Paper- 6

Sample Paper- 7

Sample Paper- 8

Sample Paper- 9

Sample Paper- 10

  • National Level Sample Papers

Sample Paper- 1

Sample Paper- 2

Sample Paper- 3

Sample Paper- 4

Sample Paper- 5

One can find about the series of test and the area covered at the above sample papers:

  • MAT section of the tests include analogies, series, pattern perception, classification, coding-decoding, problem-solving, hidden figures and block assembly type of questions to evaluate the reasoning ability, spatial orientation, and judicial ability of a candidate.

  • SAT section of the test covers match-the-columns, sequence arrangement, true and false statements, and questions from passages to check the knowledge of students in various subjects.

At Askiitians, we guarantee that students who solve our sample papers with dedication and focus will be able to score quite well in the actual NTSE exam. Moreover, we will help you find out your strengths and weaknesses, develop a study strategy for you, and offer you a customized intervention, if you need one.

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