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NIT Jalandhar Opening and Closing Ranks , Cutoff 2013

Branch category Quota Closing Rank
BioTechnology GE HOMESTATE 39803
BioTechnology GE OTHERSTATE 25874
BioTechnology OBC HOMESTATE 186745
BioTechnology OBC OTHERSTATE 46788
BioTechnology SC HOMESTATE 222512
BioTechnology SC OTHERSTATE 85439
BioTechnology ST OTHERSTATE 235931
ChemicalEngineering\Technology GE HOMESTATE 33899
ChemicalEngineering\Technology GE OTHERSTATE 20583
ChemicalEngineering\Technology GE OTHERSTATE 197585
ChemicalEngineering\Technology OBC HOMESTATE 149523
ChemicalEngineering\Technology OBC OTHERSTATE 34200
ChemicalEngineering\Technology SC HOMESTATE 196403
ChemicalEngineering\Technology SC OTHERSTATE 130226
ChemicalEngineering\Technology ST OTHERSTATE 184144
CivilEngineering GE HOMESTATE 25163
CivilEngineering GE OTHERSTATE 16590
CivilEngineering OBC HOMESTATE 86301
CivilEngineering OBC OTHERSTATE 24181
CivilEngineering OBC OTHERSTATE 315815
CivilEngineering SC HOMESTATE 110952
CivilEngineering SC OTHERSTATE 87975
CivilEngineering ST HOMESTATE 466698
CivilEngineering ST OTHERSTATE 102029
ComputerScience&Engineering GE HOMESTATE 13424
ComputerScience&Engineering GE OTHERSTATE 12160
ComputerScience&Engineering GE HOMESTATE 251187
ComputerScience&Engineering OBC HOMESTATE 48870
ComputerScience&Engineering OBC OTHERSTATE 23331
ComputerScience&Engineering OBC HOMESTATE 360180
ComputerScience&Engineering SC HOMESTATE 73560
ComputerScience&Engineering SC OTHERSTATE 94968
ComputerScience&Engineering SC OTHERSTATE 761257
ComputerScience&Engineering ST HOMESTATE 710663
ComputerScience&Engineering ST OTHERSTATE 171597
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering GE HOMESTATE 18159
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering GE OTHERSTATE 14281
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering GE OTHERSTATE 386134
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering OBC HOMESTATE 77406
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering OBC OTHERSTATE 25044
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering SC HOMESTATE 109318
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering SC OTHERSTATE 99037
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering ST HOMESTATE 672497
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering ST OTHERSTATE 136308
ElectricalEngineering GE HOMESTATE 20893
ElectricalEngineering GE OTHERSTATE 14105
ElectricalEngineering GE OTHERSTATE 358415
ElectricalEngineering OBC HOMESTATE 67831
ElectricalEngineering OBC OTHERSTATE 23096
ElectricalEngineering SC HOMESTATE 101737
ElectricalEngineering SC OTHERSTATE 65441
ElectricalEngineering ST HOMESTATE 705495
ElectricalEngineering ST OTHERSTATE 104743
Instrumentation&ControlEngineering GE HOMESTATE 30247
Instrumentation&ControlEngineering GE OTHERSTATE 20259
Instrumentation&ControlEngineering OBC HOMESTATE 129640
Instrumentation&ControlEngineering OBC OTHERSTATE 36959
Instrumentation&ControlEngineering SC HOMESTATE 180436
Instrumentation&ControlEngineering SC OTHERSTATE 160313
Instrumentation&ControlEngineering ST HOMESTATE 724089
Instrumentation&ControlEngineering ST OTHERSTATE 230841
IndustrialandProductionEngineering GE HOMESTATE 36369
IndustrialandProductionEngineering GE OTHERSTATE 23424
IndustrialandProductionEngineering OBC HOMESTATE 155370
IndustrialandProductionEngineering OBC OTHERSTATE 43698
IndustrialandProductionEngineering SC HOMESTATE 188747
IndustrialandProductionEngineering SC OTHERSTATE 142159
IndustrialandProductionEngineering ST HOMESTATE 713621
IndustrialandProductionEngineering ST OTHERSTATE 208537
InformationTechnology GE HOMESTATE 20270
InformationTechnology GE OTHERSTATE 14959
InformationTechnology OBC HOMESTATE 80106
InformationTechnology OBC OTHERSTATE 28665
InformationTechnology SC HOMESTATE 112326
InformationTechnology SC OTHERSTATE 108345
InformationTechnology ST HOMESTATE 593745
MechanicalEngineering GE HOMESTATE 18611
MechanicalEngineering GE OTHERSTATE 13730
MechanicalEngineering GE HOMESTATE 379989
MechanicalEngineering GE OTHERSTATE 185503
MechanicalEngineering OBC HOMESTATE 56759
MechanicalEngineering OBC OTHERSTATE 22793
MechanicalEngineering SC HOMESTATE 99831
MechanicalEngineering SC OTHERSTATE 86570
MechanicalEngineering ST HOMESTATE 468334
MechanicalEngineering ST OTHERSTATE 117565
MechanicalEngineering ST OTHERSTATE 466220
MiningEngineering GE HOMESTATE 44781
MiningEngineering GE OTHERSTATE 25414
MiningEngineering OBC HOMESTATE 190862
MiningEngineering OBC OTHERSTATE 41448
MiningEngineering SC OTHERSTATE 144102
MiningEngineering ST OTHERSTATE 178138
TextileEngineering GE HOMESTATE 42991
TextileEngineering GE OTHERSTATE 29336
TextileEngineering OBC HOMESTATE 172320
TextileEngineering OBC OTHERSTATE 45823
TextileEngineering SC OTHERSTATE 128383

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