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General Physics

In order to be able to answer all scientific inquiries into a universally intelligible format, one has to develop a commonly accepted language in which to converse. It was this need which led to the development of units and dimensions. It is an effort to do away with subjectivity of forms and personal prejudices and introduce a common objectivity. If we are to report the result of a measurement to someone who wishes to reproduce this measurement, a standard must be defined. Therefore, in order to reduce and eliminate such and other discrepancies, an international committee set up in 1960, established a set of standards for measuring the fundamental quantities. 

From the IIT JEE point of view Measurement, Dimensions, Vectors and Scalarsdo not hold lot of significance as we cannot expect a number of questions directly based on this. However, we cannot completely ignore this chapter as this forms the basis of all chapters to follow.

AskIITians provides free study material for IIT JEE Physics. In this chapter we cover General Physics – Units, Dimensions, Vectors and Scalars. 

Topics covered under IIT JEE General Physics are:-  
  1. Dimensions
  2. Applications of Dimensions
  3. Scalars and Vectors
  4. Addition and Subtraction of Vectors
  5. Multiplication of Vectors
  6. Vector Components



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