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Engineering entrance exam past year’s papers with solutions: Practice for Perfection!

Askiitians.com helps several engineering aspirants to crack competitive engineering entrance exams and get admission in engineering colleges of their choice. Past years’ question papers, sample question papers with solutions as well as course material and syllabus for different exams are all important resources for engineering entrance exam preparation.

Askiitians offers you free download of past year papers with solutions for all the top engineering entrance examinations:














Manipal UGET


How can engineering entrance exam past year’s papers with solutions help you?

  • Past years’ question papers for different engineering entrance exams can help you get familiarized with the pattern of the exam.
  • The practice will also help you imbibe the feel of the exam and develop a strategy for solving questions correctly and quickly.
  • Past years papers with solutions help students to check their answers and if wrong, they can see how the answer was derived. This will help them improve their performance in their weak subjects and understand all topics and sub-topics better.
  • Solving past year question papers from time to time will help students focus on the important aspects of various chapters from the examination perspective.
  • AIEEE past year papers with solutions include JEE Mains papers as well as AIEEE papers conducted in the past. You may want to check out changes in the exam syllabus and exam pattern in AIEEE and the JEE Mains to grasp things better.
  • Similarly, IIT JEE past year papers with solutions include JEE Advanced papers as well as IIT JEE examination papers of the previous years. Do check out changes in the examination syllabus and examination pattern of these two exams. It is through JEE Advanced that engineering aspirants can get entry through IITs. So, solve IIT JEE papers carefully and analyze your performance after finishing the practice paper with the help of given solutions.
  • Do remember that BITSAT past year papers with solutions are not actual test. Since BITSAT does not conduct paper-based test but computer-based test since the last few years, questions for the actual exam that candidates appear for are actually drawn from a question bank stored on the server. These questions are deemed to be similar in question type and difficulty level. Hence, BITSAT papers we have are designed by our experts to reflect the actual exam.

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