AIEEE Previous Years Question Papers

We provide the past papers of AIEEE FREE of cost to all aspirants. It is best to practice these papers in a timed environment. Speed and accuracy both are very important in AIEEE. When you practice these tests make sure that you do not comprise one over other. Also in order to maximize your score in AIEEE you need to be good in all three subjects i.e. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Most of the times students give more attention to a particular subject and topic which is not the way to crack AIEEE, to be sure of results give equal importance to all three subjects, practice more and more questions on each subject. Happy Practicing!!

Previous Years Question Papers:

AIEEE 2011

AIEEE 2011 Solutions

AIEEE 2010

AIEEE 2010 Paper Solutions

AIEEE 2009

AIEEE 2009 Paper Solutions

AIEEE 2008

Question Paper:   Physics | Chemistry | Mathematics

Solutions:   Physics | Chemistry | Mathematics

AIEEE 2007

Question Paper:   Physics | Chemistry | Mathematics

Solutions:   Physics | Chemistry | Mathematics

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