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Click here for AIEEE 2012 Solutions

The Gateway for AIEEE 2011 Solutions has been closed.

The AIEEE 2011 (Paper 2) Solutions will be available after some time.. Please keep refreshing for the Solutions to AIEEE 2011 or fill in the Form Below

Download askIITians Answer Key for AIEEE 2011 (all codes)

askIITians AIEEE 2011 Solutions  Paper 1(completed) 
askIITians AIEEE 2011 Solutions Paper 2

AIEEE 2011 Solutions

AIEEE 2011 solutions would have two different set of papers, as it is every year, for the different courses offered. The two papers would be conducted at two different timings on the same day.
The solutions for AIEEE 2011 would be available shortly after the conclusion of paper. By 10pm IST, the solution for AIEEE 2011 would be available at askIITians.
askIITians solutions for AIEEE 2011 is an attempt to make the set of quality and authentic solutions available at one single platform, for the convenience of users.  

Download askIITians AIEEE 2011 Solutions

AIEEE 2011 which held on 1st may, 2011 & about 11.3 lac students appeared for the exam.This is the most sought after biggest exam for engineering admissions in various institutes through out the country.As usual, lots of coaching institutes will publish the answer key & solutions to the given question paper. Even the timing of the exams changed due to paper leak held in various nodal centres like Kanpur, Lucknow etc. 

AIEEE authorities ensured the re-schedule on the same day marking the comfort of students to certain level. The answer key & solution provided by the institute always tend to differ on one or the other answer to add to the confusion.But still in absence of any official communication, the answer keys & solution provided by these institutes help the students to analyze their performance & chalk out the future course of action in advance. We are also giving here under the links for AIEEE 2011 paper 1 code wise answer key & solutions provided by various reputed institutes which however will go live only in the evening of exam i.e. 1/05/2011.

Also, multiple experts working on same section of the paper means there is absolutely no scope of error in the solution for AIEEE 2011 Paper. This is an attemp by askIITians to prevent its users from getting confused regarding any answer. We know how much difference can a correct or incorrect answer can make to a student's AIEEE 2011 score.

 So, you can download the askIITians AIEEE 2011 Solutions for absolutely no charges, compare it with your own answers, and get back to us in case of any concern/ ques tion. 

The AIEEE 2011 Solutions will be available after 10pm IST on 1st of May. Please Visit Later for the Solutions to AIEEE 2011.

AIEEE 2011 Paper Analysis
askIITians AIEEE 2011 Solutions  Paper 1 
askIITians AIEEE 2011 Solutions Paper 2

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