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What is equivalent weight?explain with example.

3 years ago


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Dear Menka,

By definition one equivalent (or equivalent weight) of a substance is the amount of that substance which supplies or consumes one mol of reactive species. In acid-base chemistry the reactive species is the hydrogen ion (H1+) while in oxidation-reduction chemistry the reactive species is the electron. For example, in the following two reactions the equivalent weight of H2SO4 would be 49 grams or 0.5 mol in the first reaction but 98 grams or 1 mol in the second. On the other hand, sodium hydroxide has the same equivalent weight in both reactions, one mol or 40 grams.
(1) H2SO4 + 2NaOH ------> Na2SO4 + 2H2O
(2) H2SO4 + NaOH ------> NaHSO4 + H2O

In the first reaction one mol of H2SO4 supplies 2 mols of H1+ to NaOH, therefore, one-half mol of H2SO4 or 49 grams is one equivalent. The conditions are different in the second reaction because sulfuric acid only "looses" one hydrogen so the equivalent weight of sulfuric acid is one mol or 98 grams. However, sodium hydroxide behaves the same in both reactions, that is, one mol of sodium hydroxide always "consumes" one mol of H1+, so its equivalent weight remains the same at one mol or 40 grams.

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3 years ago

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Molarity of 30 volume H2O2 is. 1- same as its normality 2-half as its normality 3- doble as its normality 4-onefourth as its normality
As we know that Normality = Molarity X n-factor N= M X n-factor For H2O2, n-factor = 2 (No of replaceable hydrogens) N= M X 2 So option (2) is correct....
Ramreddy 6 months ago
thanku sir
Shriya Mehrotra 6 months ago
The mass of 70% H2SO4 required for neutralization of 1 mole of NAOH is????
The 70% is weight by weight h2so4. According to the neutralisation reaction h2so4 + 2NaOH ---> Na2SO4 + 2H2O the moles of h2so4 needed are 0.5 moles Molar mass of h2so4 =98g for 0.5 moles...
Dhruvesh Khandelwal 9 months ago
but answer is 35 g.....
nakul 9 months ago
estimate the amount of magnesium that will be dissolved by a current of 01 ampere flowing for one hour
use the formula m=eit m=0.1x60x60e...............e=2/96500 m=7.46x10 -4
Svbsmanyam 23 days ago
sorry 4 previous ans. i forgot to convert t in sec
Svbsmanyam 23 days ago
1.24x10 -6
Svbsmanyam 23 days ago
I have just given my mains exam and i want myselgf to get toggled in preparation of advance. I do have a bundle of good books and for last two yers i m practising with DISHA’s chemistry...
First go for 15 year question papers. 2. Have a look solved Irodov Physics. very quick view 3. For Organic, quick view on O. P. Tandon..
Saurabh Kumar one month ago
ng29 one month ago
Wat is diiferentiating electrons????
The electron by which the electron configuration of the given element differs from that of its preceding element is called differentiating electron is the last entering electron of its atom...
Raheema Javed 6 months ago
Accourding to me differentiating electron is usually the one that is easily removed when forming ions.
Ashwin 9 months ago
What will you name this compound in IUPAC system ? The reason for this question is tht priority rule says that double bond is preffered over triple bond and they are also treated as...
My answer for this question would be 3-(1-Propyne)Hept-1,6-diene The reason for that is, the terminal double bonds are always given priority over the terminal triple bonds. Consider that....
Yash Jain 3 months ago
Hello Yash Jain, actually that’s the confusion. According to rules I know , we select parent chain with most multiple and if it is same for 2 chains , then we choose one which is longest....
Avinash Thakur 3 months ago
Hello Yash Jain, actually that’s the confusion. According to rules I know , we select parent chain with most multiple and if it is same for 2 chains , then we choose one which is longest....
Avinash Thakur 3 months ago
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