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  • AskIITians Forum Point Policy
  • Complete JEE Main/Advanced Course and Test Series
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AskIITians Forum Points Earn You Gift Coupons!

**Earn Points on askIITians Forum & redeem them for exciting gift Vouchers! 

Points Table

Activity Points You Earn
Upload first Profile Picture 15 points
Profile Info 2 points per entry
Refer a Friend 5 points per friend on successful registration
On Submitting the answer 1 point
On getting answer approved +5 points 
On getting answer disapproved - 5 points
Value of Points 1 pt = Re 1

Gift Voucher Policy:

Points can be redeemed on reaching milestone of 100, 200, 300 and so on for exciting gift vouchers of Flipkart, Amazon & Shopclues. You can redeem these points to buy Self Study Courses also, launched by to get sure shot success in IIT JEE (Mains and Advanced), AIPMT, Engineering and other Medical Exams. To View all Self Study Courses and bundle packages, Click Here

Points Gift Coupons
100 Points Gift Voucher worth Rs 100/-
200 Points Gift Voucher worth Rs 200/-
300 Points Gift Voucher worth Rs 300/-
400 Points Gift Voucher worth Rs 400/-
500 Points Gift Voucher worth Rs 500/-

Terms & Conditions

  • User’s account will be permanently deactivated if they:

1) Create multiple fake accounts to answer their own questions,

2) Collaborate with other users on askIITians forum just to earn points,

3) Refer same friend repeatedly or refer already active members on the forum, or

4) Post personal comments, wrong information or offensive views on sensitive issues.

        5) The answer posted

  •        should have proper explanation in easy to understand language.
  • should contain complete sentences with correct formatting.
  • should contain at lest one complete sentences. Answers in one or two  words will be regarded as incomplete answers.

 6) Quality Check: There will be a quality check done by our quality experts team of answers that you will post. If it is found that your answer is:

  • Copied: Points will be deducted from your account and no gift voucher will be given. Also, your account may get deactivated permanently.
  • Wrong or incomplete: Points will be deducted from your account and no gift voucher will be given. However, if you agree to correct/complete the answer then your request for points redemption can be considered post correction.

7) You lose 3 points if you are not active on forum for 4 consecutive days.

8) askIITians reserves all rights to annul all earned points from a user’s account, if they violate forum policies.

Other important points to remember while posting answers on forum

1) Do not copy-paste answers exactly from other websites or already posted answer in same question. You can take reference from other websites but while posting answer on forum, this has to be written in your own words. Exact copy is not allowed. If we find exactly same answer as given earlier by any other student then you will not get reward for those points at the time of redemption.

2) Answers should not be posted in counseling categories only. Please give your more contribution in subject related questions as well so that students who are studying can get answer to their doubts which will in turn help them in their studies.

3) Try to give answers in 2-3 lines. Short answers may not give complete information to questioner.

4) Do not post answers to questions which are more than 2 months ago and has already been answered by some other user correctly. Your answer in same question will be of no value addition to the questioner. However, if you find that no one answered correctly in that question and your answer is different then you can post answer to that question. If you will post same answer in a questions posted less than 2 months old, then also your points will not be counted at the time of redemption as same answer will be of no use to the questioner. Providing same answer in the question when it has been answered completely by someone else will not earn points at the time of redemption.

5) Do not post answers in counseling categories which are more than 2 months ago as answers to these questions will be of no value for the questioner.

6) Post one answer at a time and in one attempt. Posting one answer in two - three parts is not good. However, if questioner asks some query on your answer, then you can answer that query and can earn the point too.

7) Do not share content on email IDs of users and do not share your own email IDs too. This is strictly against forum guidelines and your account may get deactivated as well as the points will be forfeited.

8) Try to post answers of different users so that maximum users can get benefit from your answers. Posting answers of one single user repetitively is not appreciated and you may not get points for answering same user again and again. Points earned by this will not be accepted for redemption.

9) A user is eligible to get one approval only in one question. However, he can post answers to follow up query of questioner and may earn points of posting answer.

10) No points will be given for answering counseling questions posted 6 months ago.

11) We may ask for ID card, scanned copy of latest marksheet, Video recording of yours etc. to check your identity in case of multiple requests from same ID. This is to ensure that no one tries to defeat the purpose of forum.

This page will keep on getting updated from time to time. Please do visit this page once in a week.

  • To redeem your points, please login to your student account and place Points Redemption Request


Note: 1. You must have minimum 100 points accumulated in your account to place redemption request.

          2. Points can be redeemed in multiples of 100 only. For e.g. 100, 200, 300 and so on.

Student’s Speak

 1) ”Well, first of all, a big THANKS to AskIITians team, for such a wonderful gift. Since starting, AskIITians has provided the best platform for all the queries related to IIT-JEE. In the recent years, it has gone through a creative change. Now more queries, more discussions, more study, and hence, more results are there. Many top IIT-JEE rank scorers have also taken benefits from AskIITians, and many more are taking. I think, its the best online platform to hone your conceptual skills for IIT-JEE and other engineering entrance exams. I prefer every aspiring IIT student to register on this site, and start learning in a global fashion, because it also tell about other student's preparation. Very thankful to this website.”.........................................Ashwin Sinha (Rewarded with Rs 500 Voucher)

2) I feel that askIITians Forum is a great help for the students who are preparing for  IIT JEE, Medical & other competitive exams and study material provided by askIITians is one of the finest among all the books available for a student .I will always recommend students to use askIITians Forum.….….….….….….….(Nicho Priyatham)

3) Askiitians is one of the best website which i will definitely recommend to my friends.….….…....(Vaishnavi)

4) I am glad to have such a podium for enhancng my personality and My skills....(Gman Nmag)

5) Askiitians forum has helped me to improve a lot since last year and also to shine in class.…..(Saloni)

6) I am happy to use this site for sharing knowledge.….….…....(Jayesh)

7) The AskIITians Discussion Forum is a great platform for students all over the world to discuss academic doubts with each other. There are a variety of online forums that claim to clear your academic doubts but very few of them boast of faculty that is as experienced and dedicated as those at AskIITians. This ensures that we interact with other students but also get right, concise answers. I sincerely thank AskIITians for this invaluable service.…..(Kalyani Menon)

8) Askiitians is the best platform for students. It is going to give a birth to a large number of doctors and engineers in future….….…....(Sahil)

List of Winners:-

Student Name Value (In Rs.) Gift Voucher Student Name Value (In Rs.) Gift Voucher
Vaishnavi Bhathina 100 Amazon  Saiteja Goud 100 Flipkart
Nicho priyatham 400 Flipkart Earra Akhil 100 Flipkart
Sajid 250 Shopclues  Gaurav Gupta 100 Flipkart
Chemu Sharma 100 Amazon  Gaurav Gupta 300 Flipkart
Akshat 100 Amazon  Chemu Sharma 100 Amazon
Prajwal Kavad 100 Amazon  Gaurav Gupta 200 Flipkart
Akshat 100 Amazon  Vasanth Bhaskara 100 Amazon
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya 100 Flipkart Gaurav Gupta 500 Amazon
Akshat 100 Amazon  Saloni g. Rakholiya 100 Shopclues 
Prajwal Kavad 100 Amazon  Vasanth Bhaskara 100 Amazon
Gaurav Gupta 200 Flipkart Gaurav Gupta 100 Flipkart
Vasanth Bhaskara 100 Amazon  Shubham Sharda 100 Amazon
Mohit Vashishtha 100 Flipkart Ashwin Sinha 500 Shopclues 
Chemu Sharma 500 Amazon  Vikas Yadav   100 Shopclues 
Vasanth Bhaskara 100 Amazon  Madhukar Thalore - 8 GB Pen Drive
Sajid 100 Shopclues  Britto George - 8 GB Pen Drive
Vasanth Bhaskara 100 Amazon Pratibha Rani   - 8 GB Pen Drive
Gaurav Gupta 200 Amazon - - -
Akshat 100 Flipkart - - -
Shubham Sharda 200 Amazon - - -

and many more...................

  • Complete AIPMT/AIIMS Course and Test Series
  • OFFERED PRICE: R 15,000
  • View Details
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