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Aman Bansal

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3 years ago

sir i want the solutions of modern approach to chemecal calculations by r.c mukharjee how can i get it 

3 years ago
find the numbre of atoms in 48g of ozone at ntp
2 months ago
find the number of atoms in 48g of ozone at NTP
2 months ago

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O2 and SO2 are filled in a container by mass ratio 1.3 in a 3L container at 300 K. If the partial pressure of O2 is 0.6 atm, partial pressure of SO2 is?
Use the ideal gas equation pV=nRT for O2 gas: (pO2) x 3 = (m/32) x 0.0821 x 300 claculate mass of oxygen from above formula. mass of SO2 = 3 x mass of oxygen (pSO2) x 3 = (mS02/ 64) x 0.821...
Ramreddy one month ago
Question attached.. [ALTS-3 Q50]
Redox rection is: Br2 + H2 ----------> 2 Br- + 2 H+ Q= [Br-]2 x [H+]2 = 10 ^-8 E cell= E0 -0.0591/2 log(Q) = 1.09 +0.0591/2 x 8 = 1.326 V...
Ramreddy 16 hours ago
how doe bonding take place in Na2 O
Yes it is ionic because the valence electron of sodium is 1 so two molecules of sodium gives two electrons to oxygen which is in need of 2 electrons. Sodium now have a charge of +1 and...
Suraj Prasad one month ago
how can we make a plastic which is less harmful to environment
plastics can be made less harmful through:- (1) by using less harmful recycled plastics :- Choosing products made with recycled plastic helps curb landfill waste and encourages further...
Sunil Kumar FP 2 months ago
As acc. to MOT bonding molecular orbitals are stable than anti bonding molecular orbitals, but i want to know that by what percent does bonding molecular orbital is stable than anti bonding...
It depends upon the no. of electrons in bonding and antibonding orbitals, bonding will tell you the electrons that will help in forming the bond and antibonding will tell you to have the...
Suraj Prasad one month ago
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