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4 years ago


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Aman Bansal

Askiitian Expert

4 years ago

sir i want the solutions of modern approach to chemecal calculations by r.c mukharjee how can i get it 

3 years ago
find the numbre of atoms in 48g of ozone at ntp
11 months ago
find the number of atoms in 48g of ozone at NTP
11 months ago
16 gms 1mole of o
48 moles 3 moles
3x6.022x10to the power 23 =1.8066x10to the power 24
4 days ago

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the hydrogen like species Li +2 is in a spherical symmetric state S 1 with one radial node, upon absorbing the light the ion underges transition to a state S 2 with one radial node and its...
1.The answer is 2s.Since S1 is spherically symmetrical,it must be an s orbital and since it has only one radial node,we can conclude that it a ‘2s’ orbital.(For an ‘ns’ orbital where n may...
Bhaveen Juthani one month ago
Hey Manyam...i know that the no. of radial nodes is general....but in my answer i had clearly written that considering the orital is an ‘s’ orbital(1s,2s,3s,etc.),then the no.of. ...
Bhaveen Juthani one month ago
Bhaveen thanq but plz check ur ans for 1 no. radial nodes=n-l-1
noogler one month ago
Bravais showed that there are only 14 types of crystal lattices possible. But if we consider a unit cell of say NaCl or ZnS, they do not seem to fall under any of the 14 different types of...
There are 6 Cl surrounding the Na, and 6 Na around each Cl. NaCl is made up of fcc / ccp lattices. The Na's occupy the octahedral sites in the Cl sub lattice, and the Cl's occupy the...
Pankaj 3 months ago
Hello Student, It is actually not so, NaCl has face centred cubic structure while ZnS has Hexagonal crystal.
Pankaj 3 months ago
But NaCl unit cell has a cation at the body centre and edge centres and anions at the corners and face centres...which type of Bravais lattice actually describes this arrangement????
Satviki Pathak 3 months ago
is ch3cooh an acid or a base and why isnt there hydrogen what is h3
The hydrogen center in thecarboxyl group(−COOH) in carboxylic acids such as acetic acid can separate from the molecule by ionization CH3COOH → CH3COO − + H + Because of this...
Avinash 2 days ago
is lime water quick lime or slaked lime
There is another substance called lime, which is the oxide of calcium, with the formula, CaO. When this is added to water a strong exothermic reaction takes place and slaked lime or calcium...
Charchit Tailong 10 hours ago
CCl 4 will have a)a very low dipole moment b)a high dipole moment ​c)zero dipole moment d)a dipole moment which is exactly same as that of H 2 O
its c. Zero dipole moment.
Suraj Prasad 2 months ago
there is no lone pair and the geometry is also symmetrical. So no dipole moment.
Suraj Prasad 2 months ago
explation needed.... :P
mansi dabriwal 2 months ago
how do we identify the hybridisation state after watching a carbon compound
Well...I and most of the students decide it by observing the no. of pi-bonds that carbon atom has. If no pi-bond, then sp 3 ; if one, then sp 2 ; and if two, then sp. Eg. CH 2 =C=CH-CH 3...
Yash Jain 5 months ago
Jacob james 5 months ago
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