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The total no of orbital of the central atom of XeF2 PARTICIPATING IN HYBRIDISATION?

6 years ago

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AJIT AskiitiansExpert-IITD
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Dear  prashant ,

When you draw out the Lewis structure for XeF2, with Xe having three lone pairs and two bonds with each F, with a total steric number of 5. This also means that there are five orbitals present. The only possible hybridization with five orbitals is dsp3 hybridization. (1d+1s+3p=5dsp3)
If you think in terms of VSEPR geometry, XeF2 has a trigonal bipyramidal design. Trigonal Bipyramidals have dsp3 hybridization.

so it has 5 orbitals in hybridisation.

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All the best.

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6 years ago
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