what effect the branching of an alkane has on its melting point

3 years ago


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dear student,

Alkanes experience inter-molecular Van der Waals forces. The stronger the force, the greater will be the boiling point of the alkane.

As branching increases, the surface area of the molecule decreases which results in a small area of contact. As a result, the Van der Waals force also decreases which can be overcome at a relatively lower temperature. Hence, the boiling point of an alkane chain decreases with an increase in branching.


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3 years ago

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I am really confused at this. As far as I know is CH3 increases electron density in the ring, thus toluidiene must be more basic. But that''s not what my book says(that aniline is...
if its ortho toluidine, then its less basic than aniline because of "ortho effect".... whilst meta and para toluidine as you said are more basic than aniline....
Varun Acharya 8 months ago
did you understand my explanation... if yes then plz reply positively.... ;)
Varun Acharya 6 months ago
*toluidiene --> toluidine
Abhishek Verma 8 months ago
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Aarti Gupta 13 days ago
I just want a book which makes me able to crack iit jee main and advance in chemistry …. please help me quickly ,.. which book i shoul buy …???
best books for chemistry(jee main and advance) physical- p bahadur and optandon inorganic-jdlee and optandon organic-morrison boyd and arihant publication
Sunil Kumar FP one month ago
question bank
practise from any good book.it is ok thanks and regards sunil kr askIITian faculty
Sunil Kumar FP one month ago
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