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                   what effect the branching of an alkane has on its melting point

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


dear student,

Alkanes experience inter-molecular Van der Waals forces. The stronger the force, the greater will be the boiling point of the alkane.

As branching increases, the surface area of the molecule decreases which results in a small area of contact. As a result, the Van der Waals force also decreases which can be overcome at a relatively lower temperature. Hence, the boiling point of an alkane chain decreases with an increase in branching.


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AMAN BANSAL                

4 years ago

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Sir i wanted to know about the redox reactions.A complete lesson required for JEEmains and advance.Sir please do support.Due to ur website i m completely clear vth the mole concept.Actually ...
you can refer the books available for redox reactions on website or by videos lectures as it’s a very simple topic having aspects in many lessons further.
Ashutosh Sharma 24 days ago
Which book should I prefer for IIT preparation for- ​1.Theory ​2.Questions
better prepare GRB publishers.It’s author is prakash is best for both theory &questions
keero 19 days ago
This is the best book for reference and u can even refer J D Lee
VINEETH N 18 days ago
describe the concepts of isotopes please fast
Isotopes Before we leave the subject of atomic structure and the periodic table, we need to examine one other observation: the existence of atoms of the same element that have different...
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya one month ago
thanx to help me
parth bhail one month ago
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