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sir,i have only 3 months for the iit-jee but my preperation is not at all good,bt now i want to get into iits and i am ready to do hard work,so sir plzz suggest me that can i manage to get into iit in these 3 months and had anyone cracked iit in 3,4 months? nad plz tell me how much time i need to put in per day.plzz help!!!!

5 years ago


Answers : (2)


Dear Abhishek

As time is less so dont waste your time in any confusion and start all the three subjects simultaneously. Follow just one book for each topic/subject but do it thoroughly. dont run after 3-4 sources/books.Always remember "One book 10 times rather than 10 books one time". it will save your time. do the topics in which you are comfortable. dont try too many new things now. give time to all the three subjects on daily basis. give as much time you can to your studies. yes you can have decent ranks in 3 months also. these 3 months are very important.


All the best.                                                           




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5 years ago

Muy RAA Pandi 

Tinra Thindi

waste website. Why are asking questions here? Call me at 9293102422 to clarify your doubts.

This is utter waste. They tell you false only

don't come again here Pandi.

5 years ago

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