the vector sum of forces 10N aand 6N can be:

a)2N    b)8N

c)18N   d)20N 

one year ago


Answers : (4)



one year ago

b) 8

one year ago

the vector can be 8 i.e option -b

one year ago


10-6=<vector sum=<10+6

one year ago

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what is the use of vector space
To represent the quantity wich have both magnitude and direction.
Vineeth one month ago
Hiiii I am from .We connect students with teachers on facebook,whats app,etc.You can clear your concepts from teachers .You can ask them anything , you like to, be frank...
vikash khandelwal 16 days ago
By understanding laws of vectors we can represent a physical quantity wich has both magnitude and direction in mathematical form ,also with selecting a reference point . By understanding...
Vineeth one month ago
the distance of the point (x,y,z) from the x-y plane is ? a)x b)y c)z d) IzI the answer is IzI...why it cant be z??? i mean why modulus taken into account please explain thanks :)
because distance is always positive that's why while z itself can be negative
Arun Kumar 5 months ago
ohkay! thanks a ton man! :) cheers
RAJAT CHHABRA 5 months ago
how to represent the vector notation in dot product
the dot product notation (using the dot as an operator) can also be used (and is more common). The dot product of two vectors u and v can be represented as: The dot product gives us a value...
bharat bajaj 6 months ago
find sum 1^2*C1+3^2*C3+5^2*C5....
Hello Student, Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 3 months ago
What is the relation between the distances of Orthocentre, circumcentre and centroid in coordinate geomtry?
O = orthocentre G = centroid C = circumcentre so orthocentre , centroid and circumcentre belong to a straight line , called Line of Euler . thanks and regards
Ajay Verma 3 months ago
best book for iit/aieee of math
i think you can refer the following: Maths : 1.)Hall & Knight(Algebra) 2.)S.L Loney (coordinate,Trignometry,Vector) 3.)R.D Sharma 4.) M.L Khanna 5.) Tata Mc.Graw Hill
Saloni gordhan Rakholiya one month ago
Rd objective
Amit chambial one month ago
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