the vector sum of forces 10N aand 6N can be:

a)2N    b)8N

c)18N   d)20N 

one year ago


Answers : (4)



one year ago

b) 8

one year ago

the vector can be 8 i.e option -b

one year ago


10-6=<vector sum=<10+6

one year ago

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what is parabola
A parabola is the locus of a point P whose sum of distances from a fixed point and a fixed line is always a constant. The fixed point is called the focus of the parabola and the fixed line...
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if a and b are two unit vectors and theta be the angle between them, then find the value of theta such that a+b is a unit vector.
Hi Thanks & Regards, Arun Kumar, Btech,IIT Delhi, Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 2 months ago
Dear sir I am having problem in this question Find a dot b and a cross b if- Avector=i cap + 2jcap +kcap and b magnitude is 3 along c vector=icap+jcap+kcap
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Hello Student, cosx+cosy-cos(x+y)=3/2 2cos((x+y)/2)cos((x-y)/2)-2[cos((x+y)/2))]^2-0.5=0 =>2ka-2k^2-0.5=0 =>D=4a^2-4>=0 =>a=1 since its a cos(x-y) whose value is in [-1,1] so x=y...
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we must use integration by parts. take e^(x/2) as first part and sin(x/2 + pi/2) as second part. interval [0,2pi] changes to 2*(integral 0 to pi/2). here comes the answer.
manasa gorthy 3 months ago
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