the vector sum of forces 10N aand 6N can be:

a)2N    b)8N

c)18N   d)20N 

one year ago


Answers : (4)



one year ago

b) 8

one year ago

the vector can be 8 i.e option -b

one year ago


10-6=<vector sum=<10+6

one year ago

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Dear sir I am having problem in this question Find a dot b and a cross b if- Avector=i cap + 2jcap +kcap and b magnitude is 3 along c vector=icap+jcap+kcap
Hi please evaluate dot and cross yourself. Thanks & Regards, Arun Kumar, Btech,IIT Delhi, Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 8 months ago
What is median line please answer
A median of a triangle is a line segment joining a vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side. A triangle therefore has three medians. Drag the orange dots on each vertex to reshape the...
ruchi yadav 10 months ago
Stress is a Vector or Scalar Quantity ??
Stress is a Scalar Quantity. It involves only magnitude and direction doesn`t matter. As Pressure = Stress.
Sushil Vanka 9 months ago
Definitely a scalar. Stress is the magnitude of force per unit area.
Prajwal kr one year ago
stress is a vector quantity because it has magnitude and direction.
Arvindsista 9 months ago
please explain fully …...if it is 0/0 form than tell why ….…..please
Ans: If the given function in the limit is of zero by zero form, then we can apply L’Hospital rule which is explain below f(a) = 0 g(a) = 0 Similarly follow for higher derivative. We...
Jitender Singh 6 months ago
jitendra sir my question is not explain l hospital rule ….….my question is that the image that i attach have 0/0 form …. how it have 0/0 maine question...
milind 6 months ago
evaluate the following integral ∫ sin 2x / sin(x – pi/6) sin(x + pi/6) dx
Ans: Hello student, Please find the answer to your question below
Jitender Singh 4 months ago
1.lim (pi) 0.5 – (cos -1 x) 0.5 /(x + 1) 0.5 x--->-1+
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below This is zero by zero form, use L’hospital rule
Jitender Singh 4 months ago
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