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the vector sum of forces 10N aand 6N can be:

a)2N    b)8N

c)18N   d)20N 

2 years ago


Answers : (4)



2 years ago

b) 8

2 years ago

the vector can be 8 i.e option -b

2 years ago


10-6=<vector sum=<10+6

2 years ago

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Kalyani Jayachandran Menon 8 days ago
the point with position vectors 60i +3j, 40i- 8j and i-52 j are collinear if a =-40 a=40 a=20 none of these
answer is 40 for collinear we can write AB=X (BC) WHERE a,b,c ARE THREE GIVEN VECTORES AND ON COMPARING THE COEFFICIENTS OF i and j we get the value of a to be 40 approve if useful
ng29 3 months ago
hey mansi check the question again as there is no a in all the given vectors and post the que again to get it solved
ng29 3 months ago
the point with position vectors 60i+3j, 40i-8j and ai-52j are collinear if a =-40 a=40 a=20 none of these
mansi dabriwal 3 months ago
if r satisfies the equation r x (i +2 j+ k)= i-k then for any scalar m , r is eqaul to?????
answer is b) now i understand that what is m when u compare the both sides u does not get exact coeffiicients of r i am solving completely for u let r=ai+bj+ck on taking cross product and...
ng29 2 months ago
consider r =ai+bj+ck and solve lhs by using crosss product now get single equations in i,j and k compare coefficients of i, j and k and u get the desired vector approve if useful
ng29 2 months ago
i tried through that only ….but don know what this m...stands for... options for this ques. … a) i+m(i+2j+k) ​b) j+ m(i+2j+k) ​c) k+m(i+2j+k) ​d) i- k +m (i+2j+k)
mansi dabriwal 2 months ago
will cbse give us grace marks to pass in class xii maths 2015
Depends on how many students are failing in maths this time
Nishant Vora 2 months ago
Depends on how many students are failing in maths this time
Nishant Vora 2 months ago
what is orthic triangle
i think it is not in the syllabus of IIT
grenade one month ago
ok but its regarding knowledge
gdbusher one month ago
dy/dx = (e 2y +y 2 )/y 3
the given term is ok but what should we do with it? thats not stated
Disneykstew 3 months ago
its a que from differential que we have to solve it
ng29 3 months ago
is question statement correct must check it
ng29 3 months ago
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