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if 0<θ<π then which of the following options is correct?

a.1+cot θ ≤ cot θ/2    b. 1+cot ≥ cot θ/2

c. 1+cot θ/2 ≥cot θ    d. 1+cot θ/2 ≤ cot θ

5 years ago


Answers : (3)


option a is correct...

option a satisfies any value of @ in bw 0 to pie ,and for @=pie/2 LHS becomes equal to RHS...

hence option a is correct...

5 years ago

option a is true.

5 years ago

5 years ago

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cotA-tanA=2. the principal value of A is? 45 b. 90 c. 22.5 d.135
Write, cotA-tanA=2. as: 1/tanA – tanA = 2 let tanA = t 1/t – t = 2 1 – t^2 = 2t or t^2 + 2t – 1 = 0 D = 4 + 4 > 0 t = (-2 + 2root2)/2 = -1 + roott2 and = -1 – root2
Vikas TU 2 months ago
show that 2 sinx+ 2 cosx >2 1 -1/square root 2 2)if tana and tan b are theroots of equation x 2 +px+qthen1) sin (a+b)=-p 2)tan(a+b)=p/q-1 3)cos a+b)1-q
U must know the range of sinx and cosx. similarly sinx lessthan equal to 2 and greater than equal to ½.................(1) 1/2 > = 2^cosx > = 2.............(2) remember cosx is decreasing...
Vikas TU 3 months ago
What is the period of |sin x| [mod (sin x)]?what is the period of |sin x|+ |cos x|?
Try to draw the graph of each function and u would able to know that. Graph for mod sinx has period of 0 to pi as each neative half too becomes positive .
Vikas TU one month ago
There`s a line AB whose distance is given and coordinates of A are given as well. How to find the coordinates of B? I tried it by Distance formula but in the end I get a quadratic eqn in x...
Is the equation of any line given?If yes then use parametric form and then solve. You can also bring the coordinates of B completely in terms of x or y.
2017 years ago
Pls solve the problem of exponents for which I have attached the image for your kind cooperation
Dear Student, Image is not attached. Please post it again. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 11 months ago
my dear friend you don’t put any image so what way i understand so i don’t understand please sent image.THANK YOU.
NARAYANA 10 months ago
limit of n! where n tends to infinite
limit of n! where n tends to infinite proof
samanu anusha one year ago
limit of n! where n tends to infinity
samanu anusha one year ago
the value is infinite
sri tanish one year ago
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