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how to find the values of a trig. ratio for any value of angle. Say 2 degree or 35 or 56 or 11 etc ?? without calculator

"If the value is not given"

may i get any list of some angles n their ratio values which r commonly used in Ques ???

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear mohit ,

it is not possible to calculate all the values manually without the use of calc or table. Actually you need not bother about the calculation if table or calculator is not given as it will always be provided in the question then. nevertheless in case of specially the calculation is asked you can only calculate those values for which trigonometric identities like sin2x = 2 sinxcosx or sin3x=......   can be applied.  and also a  commonly used value is sin37 = 3/5  , cos37 = 4/5 , H.C verma uses these values very often.

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6 years ago

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Solve: (sin theta+cosec theta)^2 + (cos theta +sec theta)^2- (tan^2 theta + cot ^2 theta)^2
What needs to be solved here ? The question is incomplete....................................................................
Ajay 3 months ago
this is the question :: Solve: (sin theta+cosec theta)^2 + (cos theta +sec theta)^2 - (tan^2 theta + cot ^2 theta)
Naveen Shankar 3 months ago
i got it open the bracket and simplify and get the answer as 5 …..............................................
Naveen Shankar 3 months ago
trigonometric ratios of sub multiple angles: tan theta
trigonometric ratios of sub multiple angles: tan theta are: tan2A = 2tanA/(1-tan^2A) tanA = root((1-cos2A)/(1+cos2A)) tan3A = (3sinA – 4sin^3A)/(4cos^3A – 3cosA)
Vikas TU one month ago
proove that {cot^a(secA-1)}/1+sinA = sec^2A pls help me solve this problem and thak you
I hope you want to prove follwing identity. If yes then this not correct question as this can be never be true . For example put A = 45, LHS and RHS are not equal.
Ajay 3 months ago
Hi Gaurang the question still does not seem to be correct. Can you post the screenshot of question attachment
Ajay 3 months ago
Yes ajay sir I didnt type it correct so it was amistke please help in soving this one and thankyou very much
Gaurang Kotasthane 3 months ago
e x l og a + e alogx +e aloga
since we can write e xlog a =e log a^x =a x so the required answer is a x +x a +a a
Revti Raman one year ago
how can we easily integrate trignometric function by parts
You can use the integration by parts for that.Its First Function(Integration of IInd)- [(Integration {differentiation of Ist} {Integration of IInd} ].
Sagar Gupta 8 days ago
limit of n! where n tends to infinite
limit of n! where n tends to infinite proof
samanu anusha one year ago
limit of n! where n tends to infinity
samanu anusha one year ago
the value is infinite
sri tanish one year ago
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