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lalit mohan Grade: 12

i have got electricals and electronics in MNIT,jaipur.should i opt for second round to get electrical and electronics innit,warangal.ihave all india rank 30398in AIEEE and 103 in ST.which branch is best in dce.i have got 108 rank in IIT Preparatory courses .where should i go.which iits are best regarding placements.WHAT is the average package at iit kharagpur and iit guwahati.

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskiitianExpert sachin-iitD
8 Points

The most important thing is what do you want . A big name , a better stream or any location specific college.

iit Delhi n bombay are the best in case of reputation and placements. package depende on your performance not on anybody else' package. if you want to stay in delhi then dce or iit will be a good option.

waiting for second counselling wont be suggested as seats could be filled and you will be in a problem then. iit kharagpur and guwahati are not considered as one of the good iits with a big name . they are still in proces to establish their name.

DCE is the best option if you can get anything like computers, electricals or mechanical. It also have a internal sliding system by which your stream will be automatically upgraded if any one with a better stream leaves the institute  according to your ranks.

7 years ago
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