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6 years ago


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Dear Saptarshi,

Calorimetry is the science of measuring the heat of chemical reactions or physical changes. Calorimetry is performed with a calorimeter. The word calorimetry is derived from the Latin word calor, meaning heat. Scottish physician and scientist Joseph Black, who was the first to recognize the distinction between heat and temperature, is said to be the founder of calorimetry..

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Vijay Luxmi

6 years ago

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a faulty baromete r how to calculate saturation vapour pressure solutions of physics answers
Faulty barometer contain certain amount of air and saturated water vapour is known as faulty baromer . Saturation vapour pressure is a funtion of term only the temparature .The evapouration ...
U.Divyatejasree 26 days ago
An electric heater of 1.08 kW is immersed in water. After the water has reached a temp. of 100 degree celcius , how much time will be required to produce 100g of steam?
First, we calcuate the latent heat of vapourization which is nothing but the electric energy consumed. ie 2260 * 10 3 J/kg Heat required to convert 100g of steam = 226 * 10 3 J Power of the ...
Bejoi Mathew 2 months ago
What is integral ds/dt????????????????????????????????????!!?
the velocity is very nearly equal to the distance s divided by the time t--i.e., s/t. The exact velocity v would be the limit of s/t as t gets closer and closer to zero or, as we say,...
James Joseph 4 days ago
A body is thrown vertically upward with a velocity u. The distance travelled by it in the 7th and 8th seconds are equal. The displacement in 8th seconds is equal yo ( take g= 10 m/s²
Siply write the Newton’s second law of eqn. for each second. For 7 th second, s7 = 7*u – 0.5*g*49.................(1) s8 = 8*u – 0.5*g*64.............(2) s6 = u*6 –...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
sir for ramaiha entrance exam 12 th class syllabus should i read
Sri Chukka Ramaiah, popularly known as IIT Ramaiah, is an eminent educationist and IIT Guru Brahma. He is giving coaching for IIT–JEE since last 35 years with 90% to 95% success rate....
Vikas TU 4 months ago
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