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7 years ago


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For the systematic study of a compound that first step is to determine its chemical formula. This can be achieved by analyzing the compounds for the amounts of the elements (moles) in a given mass of the compound. The results so obtained are expressed as the percentage composition – that is, as the mass percentage of each element in the compound.

    According to law of definite proportions any sample of a pure compound always consists of the same elements combined in the same proportions by mass. Every molecule of ammonia always has the formula NH3. i.e. 1 mol of ammonia always contains 1 mol of N and 3 mol of H. In other words, 17.0 g of NH3 always contains 14.0 g of N and 3.0 g of H.

    The molecular composition can be expressed in either of the following three equivalent ways:

(i)    A formula giving the number of atoms of each type per molecule

(ii)    Number of moles of each element per mole of a compound

(iii)    Mass of each element per 100g of a compound (per cent composition)

7 years ago

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Sir, how to calculate nodal planes in molecular orbital in pi2Px, pi2Py, pi2Pz?
Dear student In this diagram we can clearly understand that the region or plane where no boundary of orbital is coming(i.e. electron density is zero) becomes nodal plane since the...
Bhavya one month ago
The no. of electrons present in 100ml of 0.1N solution of orthophosphoric acid??
Dear student Electrons In 1 molecule of H3PO4 = 50 Thus 1 mole contains = 50 * NA electrons (NA = Avogadro’s Number) Moles of acid in question = N*V = 100*0.1 = 10*10^-3 equivalents...
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Calculate the pressure exerted by one mole of CO 2 gas at 273 K if the van der Waa ls‟ constant a = 3.592 dm 6 atm mol – 2 . Assume that the volume occupied by CO 2 molecules is negligible.
but this question is an iit jee advanced 2000 chemistry question....they too have not specified the volume...
Balaji Krishnamachari 12 days ago
Since Volume of container is not specified the Real gas eqn. would get remained in terms of volume. Negligible molecules volume would only led the b constant to zero. Mention the Volume of...
Vikas TU 12 days ago
is it possible to convert methanol to ethanol & vice versa with bulk quantity say 4 ton?Would the reaction be harmful because of large volume conversion?Will it leave any residue that will...
Hi, already someone has answered this question. pls check:
Vikas TU one month ago
formula to find the number of Total nodal planes####### star star star star star star star star star star start start start start start start
@ RAHUL u can calculate the no of nodal planes by the following formula no of nodal planes in an orbitals = azimuthal quantum number so, that for s orbitals , l=0 , so, nodal planes , l-=0...
Umakant biswal 5 days ago
What does meta refers to in sodium meta aluminate ?? What is acid anhydride ??what is condentation degree??
What does meta refers to in sodium meta aluminate ? Meta denotes a modification. Meta can signify least hydrated derivative of an acid anhydride. Here, meta is distinguished from ‘ortho’....
dolly bhatia 2 months ago
meta is a classification or a category which here refer the sodium meta aluminate a very least hydrated form of NaAlO2.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
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