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Please explain the concept of hydration energy.

6 years ago


Answers : (2)



hydration energy is the energy require 2 solve the substance...........................hydration energy depend upon the size of the molecule.hydration energy is the -ive is released whem a substance is solved in the has an imp role in the soliubity of tjhe molecule......................

sol is directly prop 2 hydration energy,directly prop 2 ionic character,and inv prop 2 lattice using this concept u can decide soliubity of any compund

6 years ago
When a polar compound is dissolved in a polar solvent like water, which has high, dielectric constant,the compound dissociates into ions. The reason is that polar solvents interact with ions of crystals and further high dielectric constant, of the solvent cuts of the force of attaraction between these ions. The ions may conbine with the solvent to liberate energy. This energy is called HYDRATION ENERGY or ENTHALPY.
If you are still confused, then remember in short, when polar compound is dissolved in polar solvent(like water), it dissociates into ions. These ions combine with molecules of water and thus release energy. This energy is called hydration enthalpy.
                e.g. when NaCl is dissolved in water......
              NaCl breaks to Na+ and Cl-
            H2O exists as H3O+ and O-2
             Na+ attaches itself with O-2 and Cl- attaches with H3O+
               This leads to release in energy. The energy released is called HYDRATION ENTHALPY
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6 years ago

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