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Simra Choudhary Grade: 10

Characteristics of physisorption and Chemical adsorption

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITIians Expert
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Characteristics of physisorption:

(i) It is reversible.

(ii) It has weak van der Waal's forces of attraction with adsorbent.

(iii) It has low heat of adsorption.

(iv) It takes place at low temperature and decreases with increase in temperature.

(v) It increases with increase in pressure.

(vi) It forms multimolecular layer.


Characteristics of chemical adsorption:

(i) It is irreversible.

(ii) It has strong forces of attraction with adsorbent like chemical bonds.

(iii) It forms unimolecular layer.

(iv) It has high heat of absorption.

(v) It takes place at moderate temperature.

(vi) It first increases and then becomes independent of pressure.

(vii) It increases with increase in temperature and then decreases.

8 years ago
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