Calculate the distance between 111 planes in a crystal of Ca. Options are: A. 1.61nm B. 0.61nm C. 0.321nm D. None of these.

2 years ago


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Question attached.. [ALTS-3 Q49]
= 39/130 = 0.3 Dissociation constant(Ka)= C = 0.01* 0.09 = 9 x 10 ^-4
Ramreddy 2 days ago
It is important to note that atomic orbitals having same or nearly the same energy will not combine if they do not have the same symmetry. For example, 2pz orbital of one atom can combine...
symmetry leads to stability, you can simply understand that orbitals which have less difference in their energies will combine readily. so 2pz would combine 2pz.
Chirag Goel 8 days ago
The inversion of cane sugar proceeds with constant half life of 500 minute at pH = 5 for any concentration of sugar. However, if pH = 6, the half life changes to 50 minute. Derive the rate...
This is explained as followsWe are given that the half life at pH = 5 and at any concentration of sugar is 50 minutes while the half life at pH = 6 and any concentration of sugar is 500...
Ramreddy one month ago
I’m a bit confused... First, you said that “ This clearly means that the half life is independent of the concentration of sugar and depends on the concentration of hydrogen ion. ” . Then you...
Shibashis Mallik one month ago
most important topics in alcohols phenols ethers!!??
1.First in order to get the basic idea of the compounds study the classification of organic compounds as alcohols,phenols and ethers. 2.Practise IUPAC nomenclature of the compounds.Bond...
Aarti Gupta 2 months ago
Given two optical isomers of any coordination compound. How to determine which one is dextro and which one is laevo ?
Dextrorotation and levorotation (also spelled laevorotation) refer to the properties of rotating plane polarized light. If the light rotates clockwise as it approaches an observer, this is...
Harishwar 2 days ago
pls provide me information on diff types of backbonding eg. ppi-ppi,ppi-dpi,dpi,ppi,,,,,etc
Pπ- Pπ bonding is called back bonding In BF3molecule the 2P orbitals of each F atom are fully filled, while one of 2Porbital of the B atom is vacant. The two 2P orbitals involved in...
Sunil Kumar FP 2 months ago
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