Calculate the distance between 111 planes in a crystal of Ca. Options are: A. 1.61nm B. 0.61nm C. 0.321nm D. None of these.

2 years ago


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how to find the equivalent wt of compounds in redox reactions sir?
equivalent weight of a compound in a redox reaction =molecular wt/no of electron lost or gained during redox change by one molecule of that compound for ex consider the reaction...
Sunil Kumar FP 3 days ago
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE The rate of a reaction does not depend upon a) Temperature b) Concentration c) Catalyst d) None of these
d) None of these. Exp: Rate of reaction depends upon all the three factor i.e, temperature, concentration and catalyst. As the concentration of reactants increases, the reaction rate...
Hrishant Goswami 8 months ago
the correct answer is d.none of this above ,because usually rate of reaction depends on temp.,conc.,catalyst.
hanuman balagoni 8 months ago
ANIL 8 months ago
sir the PE of electron taken from infinity to Rn is comming negative . how is the work done against force
Solution: Potential energy is defined as the capacity for doing work which arises from position or configuration. In the electrical case, a charge will exert a force on any other charge and...
Sumit Majumdar one month ago
Solution: The potential energy is the energy stored in the system when a charge is brought from a far point to a point in the vicicnty of the original charge. If the charges are of similarr...
Sumit Majumdar one month ago
if there is hydrogen bonding between nitro and oh then meta nitrophenol must b stronger acid than p ????????????? plz ans y meta is weaker
Nitro group is an electron withdrawing group and thus it attracts the electron density of the ring and also affects the O-H bond of the alcohol group due to the resonance so that the Oxygen...
sumit kumar 19 days ago
which statement about Walden inversion is correct ? (a)if reactant is R then product is of S configuration. (b)if reactant is dextrorotatory then product is levorotatory.
First is correct. One cannot say about dextro and levo because they are experimentally determined.
Anurag Kshatri 6 months ago
both are ryt
Varun Acharya 7 months ago
which of the below overlapping will be greater extent or stronger - s-s, sp-sp, sp2-sp2 or sp3-sp3 overlapping?
sp-sp>sp2-sp2>sp3-sp3>s-s do well in your examinations
FITJEE 9 months ago
gyan prakash 9 months ago
sp-sp , sp2-sp2 , sp3-sp3 , s-s
rishabh 10 months ago
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