Calculate the distance between 111 planes in a crystal of Ca. Options are: A. 1.61nm B. 0.61nm C. 0.321nm D. None of these.

2 years ago


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In Chemical Bonding , One Type Formation Of Covalent Bond Occurs By Overlapping Of Atomic Orbitals {Sigma} (s-s , s-p ,p-p ) ,Taking Z-Axis As Reference Axis , The Order Of Stability Is :[...
her HF hs the highest bond dissociation energy because of two factors (1)electronegativity difference (2)hydrogen bonding next consider the size factor sizo of H2<F2 molecule hence larger...
Sunil Kumar FP 10 days ago
Thank You For Your Answer Sir , But According To Your ?Statement And Applies Chemistry : “What Will Be The Answer Of The Question : Arrange The Following In Decreasing Order Of Stability ::...
Arpit 9 days ago
what is meant by activation energy? please reply quickly sir?
It is a minium energy required to convert all reactants into products. Ex: Giving a spark to petrol to burn.We are giving minimum energy in the form of spark, it is a activation energy.
srinu kummari 10 months ago
The minimum amount of energy required by reactant molecules to participate in a reaction is called as "activation energy".
koreti thirupathi 10 months ago
it is the energy required by reactants to initiate the reaction
Ambuj Bansal 9 months ago
Solid state - If we have to place atoms on alternate face centers how many atoms would be present in fcc arrangement.
we will have 8 atoms at the corners so 8x1/8=1 contributing atoms then for the face centres we have 1/2X6=3 for each alternating face centre 1/2 is contributed.Since the body centred atom is...
Arpan Sarkar 2 months ago
2 atom on face center @ drake baccho se mat khel solid state main dum hai toh mujse poonch ke dikha koi bhi question solid state ka samaj main aayi baat
sizzi 2 months ago
No @Arpan Sarkar the atoms are kept at ALTERNATE FACE CENTRES not at all face centres .
Drake 2 months ago
what is the differece between ionization potential 1 , ionization potential 2 and ionization potential 3 ??
Ionization potential 1 is the energy reqired to remove the last electron from outer most orbit and IP 2 is energy required to remove the 2 nd elcetron from outer most orbit and IP 3 is...
Sai Pawan 17 days ago
What favours the hydride shift in Cannizaros Reaction? We know the hydride is a very poor leaving gropu so why does it leave then?
since we know that hydride shift is RDS in Cannizaro reaction and the carbon cannot exceed its covanlency to 5 also the double bond btw C and O is stronger then hydride it will leave for a...
chandan jha one year ago
the group that leaves is basically that group group which doesnt has any role in giving stability
priyanshu gautam 11 months ago
but instead of hydride going out , OH- can leave since it is a much better leaving group than H-
ravi teja teja one year ago
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