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 Calculate the distance between 111 planes in a crystal of Ca. Options are: A. 1.61nm B. 0.61nm C. 0.321nm D. None of these.

3 years ago


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At 80˚C, distilled water has [H 3 O + ] concentration equal to 1 × 10 6 mole/litre. The valus of kW at this temperature will be (a) 1 × 10 -6 (b) 1 × 10 -9 (c) 1 × 10 -12 (d) 1 × 10 -15
since it is distilled water, [H 3 O + ] concentration = [OH - ] concentration K w = [H 3 O + ] 2 approve if helpful
Shubham Singh 26 days ago
can u plz explain how?
Svbsmanyam 27 days ago
(c)1×10 -12
Shubham Singh 27 days ago
Is tata mc graw book for jee advance chemistry good for the preparation or i must prefer some other book...
Hi, Its good, but for JEE Advanced you must opt for dedicated books for organic inorganic and physical chemistry.
Yash Baheti 3 months ago
Hi Student, Please mention the part of the chemistry
Harishwar 3 months ago
Hello sir, My brother is preparing for IIT-JEE -2016. He has just take admission in class 11 th and coaching. for physical chemistry he has started with ncert, p Bahadur and R c mikherjee....
only OP TANDON book on physical chemistry is enough but if you want to solve much problem then go for only one book for numericals that is P bahadur more than enough for clearing physical...
Sunil Kumar FP 10 months ago
solve essential physical chemistry by ranjeet shai
tushar mehta 10 months ago
this is easy question and you can try to solve it
britto george one month ago
Give the decreasing order of the SN-1 reactivity of the following compounds.
2>1>3 rate of SN1 depend on stability of carbocation formed . As we can see on removal of Br from carbon and forming carbocation 1 has c+ on secondary carbon 2 has c+ on secondary carbon...
shubham 4 months ago
thank you sir
Riya 4 months ago
which is more reactive toward electrophilic aromatic substitution: Ph-OH or Ph-OR and why....
--OR group has +R effect and _I effect..Thus for electrophilic aromatic substitution Ph-OH is more reactive because of greater _I effect of OH as compared to OR..
Bhubesh 4 months ago
Ph-OR , because it -R also has some +I effect.
daksh 4 months ago
What is Oxoanion Oxyanion Oxocation Oxycation ?
Oxoanion/Oxyanion:- An oxyanion or oxoanion is a chemical compound with the generic formula AxOyz− (where A represents a chemical element and O represents an oxygen atom). Oxoanions...
Sunil Kumar FP 7 months ago
Oxyanion/ Oxoanion – An oxyanion is an anion containing oxygen. Examples : Nitrate (NO3-), Nitrite (NO2-), sulfite (SO32-) and hypochlorite (ClO-) are all oxyanions. Oxycation/...
Raheema Javed 6 months ago
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