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In a closed container, the vapour pressure of a liquid depends entirely on its temperature.
When the vapour pressure is stable at a stable temperature, the liquid and its vapour are said to be 'In Equilibrium'. 

(Equilibrium is achieved when..'The number of molecules leaving the liquid into the vapour phase, is equal to the number returning to the liquid phase from the vapour').

Any change in temperature will break the equilibrium and the VP will change accordingly. Only when the liquid re-stabilises at a new temperature, will the VP re-stabilise at the new equilibrium pressure.


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A binary solid A+B- has a ZnS structure with B- ions constituting the lattice and A + ions occupying 25% tetrahedral holes.Formula of the solid is.?
No.of B- ions= 4 (Corners+ face centres) No.of A+ ions= 1 (total there are 4 tetrahedral holes but in which only 25% is occupied i.e. only one void is occupied ) formula of solid= AB4
Ramreddy 28 days ago
ans is AB2.
Shriya Mehrotra 28 days ago
I have these two doubts please help me with these please try to be more explanative
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Naveen Kumar 23 days ago
thank you
Kaustubh Nayyar 20 days ago
what is meant by acid base titrations
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Aarti Gupta 2 months ago
Acid base titration means the determination of concentration or rank of a solution with respect to water with a pH of 7. All chemical reactions cannot be considered as titrations. A reaction...
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Gaurav yesterday
Why Sn(II) is a reducing agent while Pb(II)is not?
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Sunil Kumar FP one month ago
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Suraj Prasad one month ago
does it mean that the compound will show only structural isomerism.. and not tautomerism..??
ANMOL SETH one month ago
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