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				   sir help me to solve these problems.write the compounds in decreasing order of their co-valent character.


6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear student,

The proportion of covalent character in an ionic bond is decided by polarisability of the metal cation as well as the electronegativity of both elements involved in bonding. Polarisability is further decided by the density of positive charge on the metal cation. For instance, NaF is a very stable ionic compound. Na(+) bears only 1 unit of positive charge and sodium is of low electronegativity. Thus Na(+) shows negligible tendency to attract electrons. For F(-), fluorine has a very high electronegativity to keep electrons around itself. Thus, it is presumable that electron cloud in NaF is not so distorted and it has a very large proportion of ionic character. Another opposite example is AlCl3, a considered-covalent compound. This is because Al(3+) bears 3 units of positive charge and shows strong tendency to distort the electron cloud, thus the covalent character in Al-Cl bond dramatically increases and predominates.

5 years ago

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from faraday’s law, moles x valence factor = i*t/F moles = i*t/F*n = 10*1930/2*96485 = 0.100 approx. Moles given at STP = 0.896/22.4 = 0.04 efficiency = (0.1-0.04)/0.1 * 100 => 60%
Vikas TU one month ago
Nmm thanks buddy.a small mistake valency factor n=4.because 2h2o gives o2 + 4h^+ +4eso the moles=.05 nd the answer is 80%
Pulkit Khandelwal one month ago
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Surbhi Sobti yesterday
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Umakant biswal 3 months ago
please visit thanks and please approve my answer:} post if you have any doubt
SAHIL 3 months ago
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Dear student Cyanide is used in benzoin condensation as :- 1.It is a very good nucleophile 2.It is also a very good leaving group.
Bhavya one month ago
What do you mean by orbital dipole moment due to lone pair?
the dipole moment is actually affected by the presence of a lone pair of electron because the electrons on the central atom can cause shielding effect as the inner orbital electrons does...
Umakant biswal yesterday
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