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                   The melting points and solubility in water of amino acids are generally higher than those of the corresponding halo acids Explain?

2 years ago


Answers : (1)


Because of h bonding

2 years ago

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How Do I SolVE TheSE Questions ???
for 1 st one (B) asfor this hoffman product will be obtained and its a unstable product so by the reaction of HBr no chlorination we get hoffman product as given in the reaction. for 2 nd...
Ashutosh Sharma 6 days ago
what is equipartition theorem
Inclassicalstatistical mechanics, theequipartition theoremis a general formula that relates thetemperatureof a system with its averageenergies. The original idea of equipartition was that,...
Avinash 7 days ago
This is the famous equipartition theorem of classical physics. It states that the mean value of every independent quadratic term in the energy is equal to (1/2)KT If all terms in the energy ...
grenade one month ago
The equipartition theorem of classical mechanics(thermo) is a useful guide to the average energy associated with each degree of freedom when the sample is at a temperature T. aprove if...
rahul one month ago
Can anyone help me how to differentiate b/w nucleophile & base during rxn with halo – compounds? I know that nucleophile do substitution & base do elimination. But, when such rxn is given,...
In some cases a nucleophile can act as a good base also When a 1 0 alkyl halide (2 0 also in most cases) is involved in the reaction substitution happens. Elimination reactions occur for 3...
viswanath 5 months ago
Please tell me how would I know that I would use it as nucleophile for substitution or base for elimination. Talking to the point, I want to know the major difference b/w nucleophile & base ...
Shivam Chopra 5 months ago
Thanks for trying. I just want a major difference b/w nucleophile & a base except for that nucleophile attack on carbon & base on hydrogen.
Shivam Chopra 5 months ago
why do gases deviate from ideal behavior are difficult to liquify The postulates of the kinetic molecular theory of gases ignore both the volume occupied by the...
Saurabh Kumar 9 days ago
how to solve chemical equations by n factor method
your questions is not clear, please try to be more specific in asking the questions.
Vaibhav Gupta 7 days ago
silicon dissolves in excess of HF due to formation of?
because here it has been given for excess of HF thus your answer is wrong here acc to me 6HF will be reacting
grenade 2 months ago
the product would have been H 2 SiF 6
grenade 2 months ago
@ K Keerthirajan it’s wrong
grenade 2 months ago
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