The melting points and solubility in water of amino acids are generally higher than those of the corresponding halo acids Explain?

one year ago


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Because of h bonding

one year ago

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why alcoholic.KOH gives elimination reaction but aqueous.KOH gives substitution reaction?
Aqueous KOH is alkaline in nature i.e. It gives OH - . These hydroxyde ions ions which act as strong nucleophile and replace halogen atom from alkyl halide. RCl + KOH (aq.) → ROH. This...
sumit kumar one month ago
what is called hybridisation?
Hybridisation - It is the phenomenon of intermixing of atomic orbitals of slightly different energies of the atom to form new set of orbitals of equivalent energies and identical shape....
Aarti Gupta 24 days ago
How to remember all the organic reactions easily?
In order to remember all the organic reactions,you have to practice them by writing.Every time when you study the reactions write down them,and focused on what is removing or what is...
Aarti Gupta 5 days ago
why are s,p,d,f block written is small letter
dear friend its just a method of representing the various orbitals. actually it is the azimuthal quantum number for l=0 we have s orbital l=1 p orbital l=2 d orbital l=3 f orbital and so on...
Sunil Kumar FP 18 days ago
diagonal relationship between mg and li
The reason for resemblance of properties of lithium with magnesium is that these two elements have almost same polarizing power. The following points illustrate the anomalous properties of...
sumit kumar one month ago
how much sugar(C 12 H 22 O 11 ) will be requared if each person on the earth is given 100 molecules of sugar.the population of earth is 3×10 10 . ANS-.170.43×10 -11gm
i think you need the solution for this i have done it you have C 12 H 22 O 11 so first lets calculate its molecular mass which is = 144 +22+176 = 342 a.m.u now i have converted a.m.u into...
Ashwin 18 days ago
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