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give the list of imp high weightage named reactions for iitjee 2012?????


3 years ago


Answers : (2)


well iit jee has no fixed pattern, anything can be asked ! but you must do all the reactions given in jee syllabus for organic chemistry thoroughly with their mechanisms !! some of which includes :-

Wurtz reaction and decarboxylation reactions.

Electrophilic substitution reactions(benzene): halogenation, nitration, sulphonation, Friedel-Crafts alkylation and acylation

 Reimer-Tieman reaction, Kolbe reaction.

Grignard reactions


Williamson’s  Synthesis

7 aldehydes and ketones : oxime and hydrazone formation; aldol condensation, Perkin reaction; Cannizzaro reaction; haloform reaction and nucleophilic addition reactions (Grignard addition)

8 stefans reaction

Sandmeyer and related reactions of diazonium salts

* this is not the complete list. i have given only those which are highlighted in jee syllabus and hence are important.

3 years ago

atleast what should i study in org. chemistry so that i could get good marks in this sub.coz i don''t lyk org chemistry sugest me the min syllabus

2 years ago

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bio molecules just visit this link u well get answers of all ur questions PLEASE ..... if u like my answer and my answer is use full...
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya 3 days ago
Hello Sir the question is “Determine whether Na2O2 is paramagnetic or not. I have learned to how to determine this by writing MO configuration & then counting if there are any unpaired e-...
Yes the configuration thing doesn’t always work. Sometimes you can draw the structure and see if there are any unpaired electrons, that helps too. but this also doesn’t always work. depends ...
Neeti 2 days ago
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These self-study packages are actually free to the enrolled students!! The test papers and video solutions given are brilliant and super helpful :D
Kalyani Jayachandran Menon 5 days ago
use of SiO2 in the extraction of copper from copper matte.
Silica (SiO2) is used in the processes of smelting of copper pyrite (CuFeS2) ore and in conversion of produced copper matte (refined copper sulfide) into a crude metal as a flux (purifying...
Avinash one month ago
SiO2 in the extraction of copper from copper matte: Copper matte consists of Cu2S and FeS. In the converter FeS is converted to FeO. Silica helps in removal of FeO impurity as slag.
grenade one month ago
SiO2 acts as an basic flux which is used in slag formation(FeO). which is removed then as an impurity
mohit vashishtha one month ago
how can calculate the ionic product of water (Kw),at given temperature?
At 25 degree celcius it will be 1.01×10 -14 M 2
Susmithasri 4 months ago
at 25 degree celsius it will always be 10 -14
Tony Abraham 5 months ago
Is lattice energy directly proportional to ionic charecter? Plz help me..!
Lattice energy is the amount of energyreleased when one mole of the ionic solid is formed by the combination of constituent ions of the compound in gaseous state.For ex-latiice energy of...
Aarti Gupta 19 days ago
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