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give the list of imp high weightage named reactions for iitjee 2012?????


3 years ago


Answers : (2)


well iit jee has no fixed pattern, anything can be asked ! but you must do all the reactions given in jee syllabus for organic chemistry thoroughly with their mechanisms !! some of which includes :-

Wurtz reaction and decarboxylation reactions.

Electrophilic substitution reactions(benzene): halogenation, nitration, sulphonation, Friedel-Crafts alkylation and acylation

 Reimer-Tieman reaction, Kolbe reaction.

Grignard reactions


Williamson’s  Synthesis

7 aldehydes and ketones : oxime and hydrazone formation; aldol condensation, Perkin reaction; Cannizzaro reaction; haloform reaction and nucleophilic addition reactions (Grignard addition)

8 stefans reaction

Sandmeyer and related reactions of diazonium salts

* this is not the complete list. i have given only those which are highlighted in jee syllabus and hence are important.

3 years ago

atleast what should i study in org. chemistry so that i could get good marks in this sub.coz i don''t lyk org chemistry sugest me the min syllabus

2 years ago

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preparation properties uses of nitrobenzene
benzene +HNO 3 ------------- -------------------- nitro benzene + h2o (conc H2SO4 333K) toulene + HNO 3 ------------------------------------ o nitro toulene + p nitro toulene (conc H2SO4...
ng29 one month ago
Aromatic compounds can be directly nitrated using a mixture of concentrated nitric acid and sulphuric acid. This reaction is an example of electrophilic substitution of benzene. The...
ng29 one month ago
compare the stability of the following compounds, (i) (a) ph-ch2(free radical) (b)(ch3)3c(free radical) (c)ch3-ch(free radical)-ch3 (d)ch2=ch-ch2(free radical) (ii)(a) ch2=ch(free radical)...
ch2=ch-ch2(free radical) is an allyl i mistook it for vinyl. allyls are more reactive than primary secondary and tertiary radicals and vinyls are less reactive. ch2=ch(free radical) is a...
sufi digital 8 months ago
actually i meant allyls are more stable than primary secondary and tertiary radicals and vinyl is less stable. allyls are stabalised by resonance but vinyls are not. by mistake i wrote...
sufi digital 8 months ago
and for the second question,answer is ph-ch2(free radical)> ch3-ch2(free radical)>ch2=ch(free radical)>ph(free radical)> ch(triple bond)c(free radical)
vineet chatterjee 8 months ago
is 1,1,4,4,tetramethylcyclohexane optical active and also plz exp how to find chiral carbon in cyclo and aromatic compounds
this compoun is not optically active as it contain plane of symmetry if any compound had plane of symmetry , axis of symmetry , alternate axis of symmetry, or ither one then it is not...
ng29 2 months ago
no as there is no chiral carbon chiral carbons in cyclo and aromatic compounds are identified in same way as in aliphatic ,i.e., all four groups attached should be different.
Shubham Singh 2 months ago
why the order of thermal stability is as follows ZnO>CdO>HgO ?? please explain all the properties and cause for this order.
Zinc,Cadmium and mercury all three are group 12 elements which belong to the d-block of the periodic table.All these three elements formed oxides either by direct combination with oxygen and...
Aarti Gupta 2 months ago
i dont no
Amritha Ammu 2 months ago
which of the following scientist is not associated with the periodic table? newlands b.rutherford c.lother meyer d.prout’s
Not only Newland is associated. We have lother meyer curve which shows that atomic volume = atomic mass/density of elements. This is also a contribution to the periodic table as we can...
Naga Himanshu 2 months ago
actually there is a not in the ques. newland is associated with the periodic table..
mansi dabriwal 2 months ago
in ques thr is a NOT ….
mansi dabriwal 2 months ago
What is an emulsion?
These are liquid-liquid colloidal systems, i.e., the dispersion of finely divided droplets in another liquid. If a mixture of two immiscible or partially miscible liquids is shaken, a...
Nicho priyatham 21 days ago
3 Emulsion is a colloid in which the dispersed phase and dispersion medium areliquids. If a mixture of two immiscible or partially miscible liquids is shaken, a coarsedispersion of one...
grenade 20 days ago
When 2 liquilds are mixed it is called Paint
Himalaya Pramanick 21 days ago
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