formula of no.of possibule isomers in alkans

2 years ago


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There donot exist a formula for counting chainisomers. However for quick remembring u can use the following concept for first 9 alkanes

For each consequetive memeber , the no of chain isomers is of  2n-1 where n is the no of isomers of preceding member

Carbon atoms - Isomers

4 - 2 (Buane has 2 isomers)

5 - 3 (2*2-1)

6 - 5 (2*3-1)

7 - 9 (2*5-1)

8 - 18 (exception 2*9)

9 - 35 (2*18-1)

2 years ago

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what is meant by carbogen
Carbogen is a mixture of CO2 and Oxygen gas from 1.5% to 50% CO 2
Akhil Satheesh 15 days ago
Can anyone help me?? I want to ask what is stephen`s reduction.
The synthesis of aldehydes by the treatment of nitriles with anhydrous stannous chloride saturated with dry hydrogen chloride gas to form crystalline “aldimine stannichloride” followed by...
Rinkoo Gupta 2 months ago
Stephen aldehyde synthesis, a named reaction in chemistry, was invented by Henry Stephen (OBE/MBE). This reaction involves the preparation of aldehydes (R-CHO) from nitriles (R-CN) using...
Indu 2 months ago
what is an active hydrogen ? how can we calculate the number of active hydrogen in a compound ? ( like if we were to find active hydrogen in 2-Propyne-1-ol )
ACTIVE HYDROGEN is nothing bur a hydrogen atom which is ready to donate electrons .Transfer hydrogenation is the addition of hydrogen (H2; dihydrogen in inorganic and organometallic...
meenakshi boni 3 months ago
reaction of grignard reagent with compound containing active/acidic hydrogen (hydrogen bonded with S,O,N , terminal alkyne)
sizzi 2 months ago
Active Hydrogen is the hydrogen at allylic position which can easily be removed while elimination reactions
Avtansh Gupta 2 months ago
Why sodium hydroxide called costic soda?
sodium hydroxide is called caustic soda mainly in industries because of its cleaning is used as a cleansing agent in industries. thanks and regards sunil kr askIItian faculty .
Sunil Kumar FP 5 months ago
NaOH is called caustic soda because of its corrosive action.
Indu 5 months ago
singly ionized helium atom is hydrogen like in the sense that a solitary electron revolves around a positively charged nucleus. If the energy of this electron in its first orbit(n=1) is...
energy is given by=-13.6*z^2/n^2= -13.6 *4/4=-13.6ev here n=2 z=2=atomic number thanks and regards sunil kr askITian faculty
Sunil Kumar FP 25 days ago
Which book is good for revising INORGANIC CHEMISTRY for IIT?
o.p tondon books and in askiitans website books are there to download . thank u
chevvakula tulasi 3 months ago
what about ncert? should that be followed as well?
Samrat 3 months ago
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