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formula of no.of possibule isomers in alkans

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


There donot exist a formula for counting chainisomers. However for quick remembring u can use the following concept for first 9 alkanes

For each consequetive memeber , the no of chain isomers is of  2n-1 where n is the no of isomers of preceding member

Carbon atoms - Isomers

4 - 2 (Buane has 2 isomers)

5 - 3 (2*2-1)

6 - 5 (2*3-1)

7 - 9 (2*5-1)

8 - 18 (exception 2*9)

9 - 35 (2*18-1)

3 years ago

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Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya 9 days ago
PLEASE ..... if u like my answer and my answer is use full for you so please just click on approve button ...and if you have any other question or dought keep asking
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya 9 days ago
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Ramreddy 9 months ago
yes the other one has more resonance energy because resonanance is more effective in C-F bond than in C-Br bond
daksh 8 months ago
the other one has more resonance energy
agam goel 9 months ago
what is equipartition theorem
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Avinash 3 days ago
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grenade one month ago
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rahul one month ago
NaNO3+4ZN +7NaOH = NH3+4Na2ZNO2+2H2O
Charchit Tailong 2 days ago
Which is the book with most detailed physical chem concepts ( upto the point needed by advance) and is solomon and fryle’s ms chauhan revisoned version best book overall for organic chem?...
for physics after hcverma and dc apndey you must start doing ANURAG MISHRA books which contains solved as well as unsolved problems of varying difficult level and based on latest jee...
ng29 3 months ago
@ng29 it seems like another genreric book like dc pandey i dont have time for that (mains focused books), how is the halliday and resnick reivsed (wiley)for advance … thanks for the chem...
mrigank 3 months ago
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ng29 3 months ago
how can calculate the ionic product of water (Kw),at given temperature?
At 25 degree celcius it will be 1.01×10 -14 M 2
Susmithasri 5 months ago
at 25 degree celsius it will always be 10 -14
Tony Abraham 5 months ago
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