formula of no.of possibule isomers in alkans

2 years ago


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There donot exist a formula for counting chainisomers. However for quick remembring u can use the following concept for first 9 alkanes

For each consequetive memeber , the no of chain isomers is of  2n-1 where n is the no of isomers of preceding member

Carbon atoms - Isomers

4 - 2 (Buane has 2 isomers)

5 - 3 (2*2-1)

6 - 5 (2*3-1)

7 - 9 (2*5-1)

8 - 18 (exception 2*9)

9 - 35 (2*18-1)

2 years ago

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incorrect name of an alkyne is : a. propyne b. but-2-yne pent-3-yne d. but-1-yne
Incorrect name of alkyne among the above is :– pent-3-yne.As per rule of IUPAC nomenclature the functional group must get lower number.It should be pent-2-yne,because when you count...
Aarti Gupta 2 days ago
i need your suggestion.
I am also preparing for JEE and I am getting great help from Arihant''s "A textbook of organic chemistry" by RK Gupta, and also the book by J.Clayden. Besides, you can read OP Tendon''s book...
Snehashis Parashar 11 months ago
If you want guidance in various name reaction like birch reduction, williamson synthesis etc.the best book is Reactions, Rearrangements and Reagents by S. N.Sanyal
Aabel 10 months ago
ms chauan
divya kumari 11 months ago
An organic compound A , molecular formula C6H10 , decolourises bromine water. A on reduction forms 2-methyl butane and on ozonolysis yields ethanal and propanone. Identify the compound A and...
actually your question should be C5H10 thanks and regards sunil kr askIItian faculty
Sunil Kumar FP 4 months ago
ya, there is C5H10, mistake hi gayi
Indu 4 months ago
thyaga 4 months ago
what is the order of bond strength for 2p-2p,2s-2s and 2s-2p??
p-pis greater than s-p &is-p is greater than s-s
sumanth 8 months ago
2s-2s is less than 2s-2p is less than 2p-2p
PAVAN 8 months ago
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE The rate of a reaction does not depend upon a) Temperature b) Concentration c) Catalyst d) None of these
d) None of these. Exp: Rate of reaction depends upon all the three factor i.e, temperature, concentration and catalyst. As the concentration of reactants increases, the reaction rate...
Hrishant Goswami 8 months ago
the correct answer is d.none of this above ,because usually rate of reaction depends on temp.,conc.,catalyst.
hanuman balagoni 8 months ago
ANIL 8 months ago
Explain Bragg s equation ?
sri 10 months ago
n(Y) = 2d sin(tita) where d- inter planar distance tita is angle of incident by X-ray Y-wave length n-order of reflection.
G.Rajashekar 10 months ago
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