3-Bromo pentan2-one shows very large rates of Sn-2 substitution rate in comparison to 2-bromo butane. Why ???

2 years ago


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Because of -M (withdrawing) effect of ketone group, 3-Bromo Pentan-2-one has high partial positive charge on the carbon attatched to bromine, due to which neucleophile will have high tendency to attack, before bromine can leave, hence SN2 reaction takes place..........

2 years ago

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Could anyone please explain me what is the difference between positional isomerism and metamerism.
Position isomers have same carbon skeleton; only position of substituent/functional group changes. Metamerism is shown by bivalent functional groups. Here the same functional groups have the...
Nandakumar UK 8 months ago
positional isomerism is definened as basic carbon skeleton remains unchanges,but important groups shifted from one carbon to another, metamerism is defined as the difference in nature of...
king 8 months ago
metal x forms two oxides.formula of the first oxide is xo2.the first oxide contains 50 %of oxygen and second compound contains 60% oxygyen .what is the formula of second oxide
let the formula of the compound be X0k where k is any integer for XO2 atomic mass of x 32/m +32=1/2 m=32 now for XOk 16k/32+16k=6/10 k=3 therfore the formula of the compound is XO3 thanks...
Sunil Kumar FP one month ago
Regards Sumit
Sumit Majumdar one month ago
which statement about Walden inversion is correct ? (a)if reactant is R then product is of S configuration. (b)if reactant is dextrorotatory then product is levorotatory.
First is correct. One cannot say about dextro and levo because they are experimentally determined.
Anurag Kshatri 6 months ago
both are ryt
Varun Acharya 7 months ago
Question in image (Q31)
LET the final concentration of both the reaction be k initial conc of A=4x initial concentration of b=x for A t=(2.303*5*log4x/k)/.693 for B t=(2.303*15*logx/k)/.693 on solving 1 and 2 we...
Sunil Kumar FP 6 days ago
Which group of compound does not involve in π → π* transitions in UV spectroscopy? a. Alkenes b. Azo compounds c. Alcohols d. Cyanides
c. Alcohols
fakrunnisa 6 months ago
varalakshmi 6 months ago
Patil Harshika one month ago
Sir please help me balance this equation- Cr(oh)3+IO3^-1-------->I-+CrO4^2-(in basic medium) by ion electron method. Sir it is written in my book to first balance all the atoms other that o...
Cr(OH)3(s) +IO3(-)(aq) -->CrO4(-2)(aq) + I(-)(aq) remember in basic medium firstbalancing of oxidation number then balancing of O atom.Balancing of O atom is made by using H2O and OH-...
Sunil Kumar FP 7 days ago
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