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Whats the iupac name of iso-octane

3 years ago


Answers : (2)


2-methyl heptane

3 years ago

2,2,4-Trimethylpentane, also known as isooctane

3 years ago

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Please explain to me when we use Clemmension reduction method and wolff-kishner reduction method ( when only a compound is given to be reduced and no informatio about the solvents or medium...
Saurabh Kumar one month ago
to reduce carbonyl compounds into alcohols dez reagents are used. clemmenson reduction affects acid sensitive grps and wolf kishner reagent affects base sensitive,if der is an...
naina one month ago
best books
PLease mention for whcih purpose you want best books (Class or Exam or Subject or Topic)
Harsh Patodia 2 months ago
please specify
dhanunjayavarma 2 months ago
Almost all the earths energy supply comes from what? Update: earths interior the sun carbon dioxide the oceans
the sun some comes from geothermal and some from nuclear (fossil fuel energy still comes from the sun)
vikas yadav one month ago
The sun
conssider too Nuclear energy from radioactive elements in the earth's mantle/core
vikas yadav one month ago
how many grams of KCl would have to be diisolved in 60 gms H2O to give 20% by weight of solution?
total mass of the water=60g let weight of KCl required=xg so weight %=20% i.e. {x/(x+60)}=20%=20/100 x=0.2*x +....60*0.2 0.8*x=12 x=12/0.8=15g...
Naveen Kumar 7 months ago
let amount=xg so x/(x+60)=20%=0.2 x=15g..... so the amount of KCL needed=15g .................................. .........................................
Naveen Kumar 7 months ago
help me to identify pi and sigma bond
Sigma bond :- Sigma bond is a a covalent bond which results from the formation of a molecular orbital by the end-to-end overlap of atomic orbitals,and is denoted by the symbol σ.Every...
Aarti Gupta 2 months ago
Whereever you see a single line between two atoms it can never be a pie bond keep this in mind
Jatin Punera 2 months ago
silicon dissolves in excess of HF due to formation of?
because here it has been given for excess of HF thus your answer is wrong here acc to me 6HF will be reacting
akshat 2 days ago
the product would have been H 2 SiF 6
akshat 2 days ago
@ K Keerthirajan it’s wrong
akshat 2 days ago
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