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Two identical trains A and B  move with equal speeds on parallel tracks along the equator. A moves from east to west . and B moves from west to east. Which train will exert a greater force on the track.

(1) A

(2) B

(3) they will exert equal force

(4) the mass and the speed of each train must be known to reach a conclusion

6 years ago


Answers : (1)



As we know earth rotates from west to east so the train B will have speed v+wr

where v is speed of train, w is angular velocity of earth, r is radius of earth.

On the other hand train A moves in opposite direction of earths rotation so its net velocity is v-wr

So net centrifugal force on B will be greater due to which it will exert less force on track.


correct answer is (1)

6 years ago

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