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                   HOW TO DRAW THE SFD AND BMD DIAGRAM ?

one year ago


Answers : (1)

                                        Dear student,

The example shows a point load, a distributed load, and an applied moment. The supports include both hinged supports and a fixed end support. It can be seen that the beam has applied forces and displacement constraints. Then we have the loading diagram with the reaction values which ia also called afree body diagram. For the bending moment diagram the normal sign convention was used.
8 months ago

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Does average velocity have a direction associated with it?
Yes, the average velocity has the direction associated with it. By definition, the average velocity in any interval is defined to be the displacement i.e. the change in position divided by...
Deepak Patra 27 days ago
Yes. Average Velocity is a vector quantity. Therefore, Av. V = Displacement/ Time. Displacement can be negative if the particle is moving towards a negative x-axis. Please note that Negative...
Siddharth Ratnam 24 days ago
If the angular momentum of a body increases by 40% its kinetic energy of rotation increases by: a. 80% b. 20% c. 96% d. None of these
It will depend on how the angular momentum has increased, either due to increase in distance or velocity. Only if you know velocity has increased, you can tell the increase, else not. So,...
Abhishek Kumar 19 days ago
Use K.E. = L 2 /2I Use this equation for two conditions (initial and final,i.e. increse in 40% of angular momentum). Find relative change in Kinetic energy.
Saurabh Kumar 19 days ago
a ball is dropped from a takes 2 secs to cross the last 6 m before hitting the ground ,find the height from which it was dropped
Hence distance travelled in last 2 seconds will be equal to or more ... A ball is dropped from a height . If it takes 0.200second to cross the last 6.00 m before hitting the ... The question...
Venkateswarareddy 4 months ago
is the answer 8.45m
Md Razeenuddin Mehdi 4 months ago
id the answer 8.45m
Md Razeenuddin Mehdi 4 months ago
what about north and south pole in a spherical maget???.....infinite or single
Spherical magnet has Single pole. best example is earth because earth behaves like a magnet........
Nirmal Singh. one year ago
but it depends as per our thinking!! ...can u please elaborate??
shashank one year ago
three point charges each ‘q’ is places at the three vertices of an equilatral triange.find the magnitude and sign of the charge to be placed at the centroid of the triange so that the...
If we put positive charge at the centre, due to same polarity interaction, they will repel each other. If negative, then due to attraction by three charge it would sustained its position....
Saurabh Kumar one month ago
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