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                                        Dear student,

The example shows a point load, a distributed load, and an applied moment. The supports include both hinged supports and a fixed end support. It can be seen that the beam has applied forces and displacement constraints. Then we have the loading diagram with the reaction values which ia also called afree body diagram. For the bending moment diagram the normal sign convention was used.
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At time =0s the particle starts moving alopng x – axis. If its kinetic energy uniformly with time T , the net force acting on it must be prorportional to T^1/2 constant T 1/squareroot T
The Right question is this – – – -At time =0s the particle starts moving alopng x – axis. If its kinetic energy uniformly with time T , the net force acting on it...
Nirmal Singh. one month ago
what is optimum velocity
Dear student, Please elaborate on the question. Optimum velocity is the velocity with which the body should be moving so that it can attain all the processes. For example there is optimum...
Sumit Majumdar 5 days ago
The retardation experience by a moving motor boat after it’s, enging is cut-off at the instant t is given by a = -kV 4, where k is a constant. If V 0 is the magnitude of velocity at the...
Correction : The 5 th word from the right side in the first line is “engine” not “enging” .
Ujjwal 18 days ago
A source of sound of frequency 256 Hz is moving rapidly towards wall with a velocity of 5m/sec. How many beats per second will be heard if sound travels at a speed of 330 m/sec?
Hello Student, Please find the answer to your question NOTE : If the sound reaches the observer after being reflected from a stationary surface and the medium is also stationary, the image...
Aditi Chauhan 2 months ago
A particle subjected to two equal forces along two different directions. If one of the forces is halved, the angle which the resultant makes with th other is also halved. The angle between...
Dear student, ​Let us assume that the angle between the given forces be θ. As the forces are equal in magnitude (say F), the resultant R must be making angle θ/2 from each of...
Sumit Majumdar 22 days ago
Can a wave transverse in a perfectly elastic string?
A transverse wave travels along an ideal string(perfectly elastic string). Here the oscillation is in a transverse direction and the component of acceleration parallel to the x-axis is zero....
Vasantha Kumari 6 months ago
But ncert says that the material which stretches more is more elastic....which means that a perfectly elastic string won`t stress at all
siddharth singhal 6 months ago
siddharth singhal 6 months ago
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