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                                        Dear student,

The example shows a point load, a distributed load, and an applied moment. The supports include both hinged supports and a fixed end support. It can be seen that the beam has applied forces and displacement constraints. Then we have the loading diagram with the reaction values which ia also called afree body diagram. For the bending moment diagram the normal sign convention was used.
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a man is comming down an incline of angle 30.when he walks with speed 2root3.he has to keep his umbrella vertical to protect himself.the speed of rain is 5m/s .At what angle with vertical...
Hi, yeah it’s a typing error. The answer should be 53 from horizontal or 37 from vertical. Do you understand the concept ?...
Shobhit Varshney one month ago
Hi , If you draw the vector diagram of the velocities when the man is in motion, the resultant direcion of the rain is vertical. Horizontal component of the velocity of man should cancel...
Shobhit Varshney one month ago
th answer should be 37 deegress boss
yash one month ago
please explain
Since area under (a-t) graph gives change in velocity, so speed will be maximum at the instant t 4.
Manabendra Nath Gaine 3 months ago
t 4 sec.
Manabendra Nath Gaine 3 months ago
t 1 sec
Ishita Das 3 months ago
a metal ring of mass m and radius R is placed on a smooth table and is set rotating about its own axis in such a way that each part of the ring moves with speed v. find the tension in the...
Dear student, Let us consider a small element ‘dx’ of the ring and writing the equilibrium equations according to the figure below: Mass per unit length of ring = M/(2* *R) Mass...
Shobhit Varshney 3 months ago
a particle in uniform acceleration in a straight line and has a speed on v m/s at position x metres is given by v= (25-16x)^1/2 . the acc of particle is .....
= 3 m/s''2 Just differentiate
shubham sharma one year ago
use a=v*dv/dx and integrate
Anshuman Chandel one year ago
A vector A has magnitude a and a^ is a unit vector in the direction of A, then which of the following are correct Multi choice multicorrect. (A) a^=a (B) a^=A/a. (C)A.A=a^2 (D) a=A/a^ I feel...
Let the vector A be represented as where a is its magnitude and is the unit vector specifying the direction and has magnitude 1. any unit vector can be calculated as . So, option b is...
Apoorva Arora 5 months ago
a pipe open at both ends resonates to a frequency n1 and a pipe closed at one end resonates to a frequency n2. if they are joined to form a pipe closed at one end , then fundamental...
For open pipe the; fundamental frequency is n 1 = v / 2l 1 l 1` = v / 2n 1 For closed pipe the fundamental frequency is n 2 = v / 4l 2 l 2` = v / 4n2 For both pipe is joined and make a...
Nirmal Singh. 9 months ago
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