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                                        Dear student,

The example shows a point load, a distributed load, and an applied moment. The supports include both hinged supports and a fixed end support. It can be seen that the beam has applied forces and displacement constraints. Then we have the loading diagram with the reaction values which ia also called afree body diagram. For the bending moment diagram the normal sign convention was used.
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Inductor is connected through a battery emf induced is e1 when switch is pressed n e2 when switch is open then... e1 >e2, e2>e1 , e1=e2
Dear student, When the inductor is connected and the switch is pressed, the emf is and when the switch is open, then the emf is . According to Lenz’s law, the value of is going to be...
Sumit Majumdar 2 days ago
1)A coil of resistance 300 ohms and inductance 1 henry is connected across a voltage source of freq 300/2pie hertz. Calculate the phase differnce b/w voltage and current in circuit.
the phase difference b/w voltage and current will be pi/2 and current lag behind the voltage .
keesom 6 months ago
A transverse harmonic disturbance is produced in a string. The maximum transverse velocity is 3 m/s and maximum transverse acceleration is 90 m/s 2 . If the wave velocity is 20 m/s then find...
Hello Student, Please find the answer to your question KEY CONCEPT : The wave form of a transverse harmonic disturbance is y = a sin (ω t ± k x ± ϕ) Given v max = a...
Jitender Pal 2 months ago
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