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whether we can solve fbd without using constrained motion? why do we have to define the direction and magnitude of acceleration of objects(in a system)..why cant we just rely on newtons laws...
Dear student, When there are multiple bodies combined together, then just the FBD on a particular body would help and the constraints have to be taken into consideration. The newton’s...
Sumit Majumdar 2 days ago
a particle is describing uniform circular motion in the anti clockwise sense such that its time period of revolution is T. at t=0 the particle is observed to be at A. if B1 be the angle...
here Vavg = displacement/time ... as time is a scalar and others are vectors.. their direction is same... now displacement and acceleration make an angle of 135 degrees..... (by using angle...
Harsh davda 4 months ago
its correct nd in this ques by change in velocity they mean velocity at t=T/4 - velocity at t=0... thats how i interpreted it.......nd RATE OF change in velocity is called acceleration
ria 4 months ago
no B1 is the angle b/w acceleration and average velocity but B2 is the angle b/w acceleration and change in velocity
ria 4 months ago
A box is pushed through 4m across a floor offering 100 N resistance.How much work is done by resisting force? I expect the answer to be (-400 J) but it is 400 J. It is from H.C.V erma book....
Dear Student, The answer shud be -400 N as here the direction of displacement is Opposite to that of the resisting force ie. Body moves forward and Force acts backwards. And W=F.d=Fd so the...
Sumit Majumdar 3 days ago
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE A charge Q is placed at the corner of a cube. The electric flux through all the six faces of the cube is (a) Q/3 e o (b) Q/6 e o (c) Q/8 e o...
(d) According to Gauss’s theorem, electric flux through a closed surface= Where q is charge enclosed by the surface.
Aditi Chauhan 7 months ago
when we take a magnet near a tv or computer screen. There is a effect on the screen. We look orange light on it. How can it possible. Does magnet also attract electricity?
This only works on old fashioned tv screens or computer monitors, so to understand why this happens we need to know how they work. Inside a television there is a big glass chamber which has...
Nirmal Singh. 4 months ago
some times if we put a magnet near a tv for oo long, u can make bits of it magnetic and so it will always distort the colours,thish is how the colours stey there.
lokesh palingi 4 months ago
A solid conducting sphere having a charge Q is surrounded by an uncharged concentric conducting hollow spherical shell. Let the potential difference between the surface of the solid sphere...
Hello Student, Please find the answer to your question (a) The potential inside the shell will be the same everywhere as on its surface. As we add - 3Q charge on the surface, the potential...
Kevin Nash one month ago
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