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The example shows a point load, a distributed load, and an applied moment. The supports include both hinged supports and a fixed end support. It can be seen that the beam has applied forces and displacement constraints. Then we have the loading diagram with the reaction values which ia also called afree body diagram. For the bending moment diagram the normal sign convention was used.
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Is it possible for an object to be speeding up while its acceleration is decreasing? give the reason.
yes, it is possible if the both velocity(v) and acceleration(a) are in same direction, i.e. if v is -ve and a is -ve or v is +ve and a is also +ve then speed will inc. if ane of them is in...
sourav one month ago
I have 2 doubts,questions are in the attached image. How can I find the acceleration of the individual blocks and the pulley(s) if the pulley itself is moved upwards? In the second question,...
Problem 1: Approach: You calculate Tension forces on blocks by dividing applied force as F->F/2->F/4. Now calculate acceleration of a block is F/4m – g. If it is less than zero, a = 0....
Sandeep Pathak 12 days ago
A shot is fired at a distance of 39.2m from the foot of a pole 19 m high so that is just passes over it. Find the magnitude and direction of the velocity of the shot.
the magnitude of velocity is 28m/s and direction is 45 degree from horizontal. THANK U
Abhishek Pachauri one month ago
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE The magnetic field at a distance r from a long wire carrying current i is 0.4 tesia. The magnetic field at a distance 2r is (a) 0.2 tesla (b)...
(a) When r is doubled, the magnetic field becomes half, i.e., now the magnetic field will be 0.2 T.
Navjyot Kalra 10 months ago
can anyone tell if an LC circiuts works , if yes how?
it is used in radios and tuning circuits. its working is based on the phenomena of electric oscillations. the electric energy oscillates between two forms electrostatic potential energy of...
SOURAV MISHRA one year ago
Its working is based on the phenomena of electric oscillations. The electric energy oscillates between two forms electrostatic potential energy of the capacitor and magnetic energy of the...
BAYANA SAGAR one year ago
what is a real image?
The real image is image formed due to intersection of light rays.The image formed by this way is generally inverted in nature.It is called Real Image because there is actual intersection of...
Aziz Alam 18 days ago
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